Saturday, February 28, 2009

BS Angel's Blog Banter: My Lady and Gaming.

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And the topic is : Gaming with your significant other!

I game. I game a lot. When I first met my lady many years ago she led me to believe she was just as hardcore a gamer as I was, but since she was shy I didn't press the issue, instead taking her word for it.

Later, when we began living together, I realized the extent of her noobness. Her prowess extended to JRPGs, the Harvest Moon series and little else. This didn't bother me per-se, but I do believe it came to bother her. She saw how much enjoyment I took out of more varied and challenging games, as well as my inclusion into gaming culture and wanted more and more to be a part of it. I took the role of encourager, companion, trainer and opponent.

A few years now into her journey, she's made some progress. We play Castle Crashers on and off, she owns a PSP and is slowly growing her collection of games for it, and peeking over my shoulder to perhaps gleam some interesting in other titles.

She's tried FPS games but they don't seem to pull her interest enough for her to continue training. Every few months I get her to try again and see if the genre can put some hooks into her. She has started playing EVE-Online, which is arguably the most hardcore video games ever made. She watched me play for a little under a year before she allowed me to pull her in as well. She's just starting and I'm documenting her progress here on this blog.

We wanted to start playing D&D, but it's been impossible to find a group to play with. That search continues. We tried getting into CCGs with YuGiOh. I've been a Magic: The Gathering player since 4th Edition and was stoked to start playing something again, but games like that are so much better when you have more than one opponent to choose from. It got old and we didn't continue.

She still plays JRPGs, but so do I. Really looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII. Also need to get a copy of Star Ocean 4.

We talk about games often, watch each other play and play together when the opportunity presents itself.

Gaming, like life and love, is a journey. We continue together upon it.


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SnipingMizzy said...

Nice grab at getting your girl into more gaming. It's too bad that I've dropped out of the DnD phase, since I started playing my fiance's new gaming system.

Chris Adams said...

I think if I'm going to get my wife into more traditional gaming territory it will be with RPGs. She seems to get (and enjoy) the Puzzle Quest series (which includes some leveling and experience allocation.)

One day soon I'm going to come home with one of the DS Finaly Fantasies and let her try it out. Good to see you encouraging your lady and helping her find her own level of comfort with gaming. :) Good article!

Anonymous said...

While interests appear different, it seems like you two have reached a great common ground. It's awesome hear how dedicated you both are to continue the journey together. :)

Reivanna said...

We tend to play very different games.. I prefer puzzle games, and rpg's that I can spend hours on just doing side quests. While he like shooters and fast paced games.

Eve is a nice balance for us that we can both enjoy. He does the pew pew, and I go mining after shiny things.. XD

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for FFXIII! And my boyfriend is completely absorbed in Star Ocean at the moment. He's at level 117 and still won't stop lol.