Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mind-Bomb! Issue #3

Since I've discovered Twitter, I've been doing this sort of thing there every morning as I go through my feeds. Check me out @PsycheDiver :)

It's the PS2's 9th birthday today. While some people think the Dreamcast is the best vintage system, I still think the PS2 is superior. The sheer scope of titles to choose from really trumps any system before it. If you want a gaming system on the cheap, this is a great idea.

Microsoft has dropped the subscription price for their Xbox Live Gold service for a limited time to $39.99 for 1 year. It's pure speculation, but I think MS is trying out a lower price point in an effort to find a new permanent price point. I doubt free is an option, but dropping the price is a great idea. There's a huge difference in upkeep costs between Live and PSN.

I love twitch gaming, and Unreal Tournament 3 is a must-buy for me when I get a PS3. The reason I'd rather having it for my PS3 over my 360 is because you can use a mouse/keyboard setup with a PS3 (which is vital in twitch gaming) and my comp can't run UT3 for graphical reasons. This Titan Pack may be delayed, but it still looks awesome.

I've been jumping on and off Fallout 3 lately. I'm in no real rush to finish it. I didn't even know there was a lighting issue, but now that they're fixing it, I'll have to give it a look.

So on March 16 in San Diego, it'll be Sony Online Entertainment Day. Yeah, I'm not sure why this is important either. What I'm wondering is if other cities will run with this idea. There are a lot of profitable studios in Montreal... could a Bioware Day be in our future?

The British Royal Air Force wants gamers to fly their UAVs. If I were a British citizen, I would be jumping on this QUICK. I wonder if the Canadian AF would be open to this idea...


Amazon is entering the used game business.
IMHO, Gamestop might have cause to worry. Amazon does one thing really really well... bulk. The have worldwide coverage and a shipping system that works very well. It's a name a lot of people trust and will use. You can get used games off Gamestop's website, but it's not pushed. There is an instant-gratification element with actually going into a store and grabbing a game right there, but I think a lot of people will be willing to wait if it means better selection at a similar price.

I don't like Leo DiCaprio. I think he's a great actor (I love The Aviator) but for some reason he pisses me off. There are a few actors that do that to me and I'm starting to really ask myself why. Maybe this movie will be the turning point for Leo and I.

One step closer to the Cyberbrain, and possibly a cure for chronic depression in the near future.

Is real life law copying an X-Men story, or is it the other way around? California's Proposition 8 concerning anti-gay-marriage and Proposition X are mirror-images of each other.

Has NASA become a failure? Without knowing the specifics of future plans and funding issues, I can't say for sure. What I will say is that even though NASA may go through some radical transformations in the future, their mandate to explore and experiment must always remain a priority to the government that funds it.

What would the holodeck be like if it was reimagined today? In a word, AWESOME.

Curing blindness with a bionic eye? Yeah, did that.

A lot of people are familiar with the Bacon Explosion. Some off us are even planning on making it this summer. Maybe not-so-amazingly, the guys who came up with the heart-attack-inducting log now have a book deal. Who knows if it'll sell.

Jon Stewart can do epic rants very well, but the great ranters of our society choose those rare topics that really light a fire in the belly of the nation. This is epic.


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