Friday, January 30, 2009

CK Banter #4: We, the EVE-bloggers.

Welcome to the forth installment of the EVE Blog Banter, the monthly EVE Online blogging extravaganza created by yours truly. The EVE Blog Banter involves an enthusiastic group of gaming bloggers, a common topic within the realm of EVE Online, and a week to post articles pertaining to the said topic. The resulting articles can either be short or quite extensive, either funny or dead serious, but are always a great fun to read! Any questions about the EVE Blog Banter should be directed here. Check out other EVE Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

Manasi asks "How do we, EVE bloggers, adapt to changes as they are thrust upon us (speed changes, no more ghost training, all the dev blogs, etc), or as our lives make playing the game different (more time, less time)?".

As CCP expands and commits more resources to EVE, and as the player-base continues to grow, the flow of newsworthy content will increase. In my humble opinion, it is the responsibility of the EVE blogger to serve the community in several ways.

We, as members of the EVE blogging community, have two charges. The first is the player. More players will come to rely on us to decrypt CCP information. Simply regurgitating dev blogs won't be enough. We'll have to break it down for the noobs and help vets to adapt old strats. People will come to us for educated opinion, not a wall of text they saw on an RSS feed straight from CCP.

The second group that relies on us is CCP itself. They're reading and paying attention. We know they are. When the dredge of the forums becomes too much, they look to us much like they look to the CSM, or how businesses look to focus groups. We have to become an effective conduit between CCP and the community.

How do we serve everyone? we stay informed and communicative. Carebear blogs comment on and promote pirate blogs. RP blogs comment on and promote industry blogs. We write about our experiences and each other's experiences. We right guides about what to do and what not to do. When there's outrage in the community, we serve as a calm and objective voice for everyone involved. We admonish CCP when they screw around, players when they act like a mob, and ourselves when we get too self-serving or righteous.

Must we adapt to do this? Not really. I think we're already doing a good job... but we can always do better.




Thursday, January 29, 2009

6th Alliance Tournament: 2nd qualifier match picks.

I didn't think I'd do this, but it'll probably be funny if I get a few right. Feel free to tell me I'm dead-wrong, flame me, cheer for your team, etc...

DAY 1.

Dawn of Transcendence
Exquisite Malevolence
Fifth Freedom
Intrepid Crossing
Frater Adhuc Excessum
RUDE Alliance
Manifest Destiny.
The Wrong Alliance
Gallente Factional Warfare Team
Firmus Ixion
Electus Matari
The Bastards.


Minmatar Factional Warfare Team
Chain of Chaos
Celestial Imperative
Otherworld Empire Productions
Agony Empire
Molotov Coalition
Against ALL Authorities
Pandemic Legion
The Star Fraction
PuPPet MasTers


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prano's Journey #4: The Gift.

Pator. Homeworld of the Minmatar Republic.

Gigaer stood on a mountain plateau overlooking a vast savanna.

In ancient times many Minmatar warriors crossed this vast plain on foot as part of a spiritual pilgrimage. The mountain at the centre of the plain was a dead volcano, and within the caldera was a small hidden temple where warrior monks resided. These monks never ventured into the outside world, and were constantly in one form of meditation or another. It was here that a warrior proved himself or herself worthy and received their kandjal.

After the week-long trek across the savanna, a climb up the steep sides of the volcano and proving his or her worth to the temple leaders, a month-long regimen of physical and spiritual purification took place, where several rituals meant to cleanse the warrior of evil spirits and poisons occurred. Many of these rituals were by no means safe, and were in actuality meant to test the warriors fortitude as much as cleanse the body and soul.

A warrior did not “receive” a kandjal exactly. The warrior had to learn how they were made and maintained, though certain secrets of their construction remain known only to the monks. The warrior gathered the materials needed to make the blade, extending handle (with all the internal mechanisms) and scabbard. The most important of materials was the metal called Tetralithium. The only place in known space it can be found was from within this volcano. When refined, folded and tempered, it had a mirror finish, was light and very strong.

Most unique, when quick motion was applied, tetralithium vibrated, creating whistling and humming sounds vaguely similar to a wind instrument. Every kandjal had a unique sound, as every imperfection and fold within the metal blade changed how sympathetic vibrations traveled. Those ever-changing sounds became a warrior's signature. The metal had no real commercial value, but was essential to the creation of the kandjal.

The volcano and the surrounding savanna was sacred ground to all Minmatar, and it had been untouched by technology and development as a result.

Gigaer saw himself standing on the border between old and new. It was his duty to revive the old ways for all Minmatar, but to accomplish that, some rules had to be bent. Matari society is now part of a larger galactic community, and as much as he would have liked to just turn back the clock, things were never going to be the same. Minmatar had changed, and Gigaer had to change the old ways to make them at least applicable in this new age.

Gigaer stowed the new kandjal in his pack. It was not his. The markings upon the weapon were not of the Prano clan. Gigaer made the trek and endured the rituals on behalf of someone else, which was forbidden in ancient times. Breaking such an important tradition was a thought Gigaer did not enjoy in the slightest. The monks were extremely displeased at Gigaer's plan, but as the sole carrier of the Prano name, he had right to force compliance in these matters. Gigaer had also convinced them to record a video showing the basic use and maintenance of the kandjal, while in the past such information was traditionally passed though personal instruction only.

“Things change, even things that were never meant to. Things that don't change, die. I won't let this die.” Gigaer said aloud as he set back down the mountain on his long journey back to civilization.

A week later, the kandjal and recording would but sent to its destined owner, Colonel Roc Wieler of the Tribal Liberation Force.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Demo and The Maw

Double review!

I was never a fan of the Resident Evil series. I've tried all of them and It's never struck me as an innovative or entertaining franchise. True to my "benefit of the doubt" approach to it, I downloaded the RE5 demo for my 360 and gave it an hour of my time.

It's definitely the prettiest RE game thus far, but that has to be expected considering how far other games are pushing the software. Visuals and audio are not surprising, but pleasing.

One of my biggest gripes about RE games is that the controls always seem needlessly stiff. If compared to Dead Space, it was difficult to maneuver and get from point A to B smoothly. Being able to evade is a key aspect of a game like this, and I was constantly fighting the controls in an effort to save my life.

An interesting development is the use of a partner, who can be controlled by another player locally or over the Live service. You can help your partner get to different places and assist each other in ways other that shooting, but that's nothing really new. The computer control of your partner was adequate, but just barely.

Honestly, I don't think I'll be getting this, but if you've liked the RE series thus far, you'll love this installment.

Now to switch gears completely, an XBLA exclusive, The Maw.

First seen at PAX '08 and winning a few awards for originality in an independent title, your character travels with a little purple eating machine called Maw. Maw is part weapon, part companion and part vehicle. He grows as he eats and takes on new powers as he goes. The entire game is very simple and cute, from the controls to the music.

It's a cheap game and worth your time if you're a casual gamer or a hardcore 1337 machine. DLC has already been announced, and even adding the cost of that into it, you get some pretty decent bang for your buck with this title. Get it, and support the indie game community.


Monday, January 26, 2009

6th Alliance Tournament: 1st qualifier.

I didn't think I'd be able to follow the tourney matches in an audio-only format, but HUGE props to EVE-Radio, Split Infinity Radio and New Eden Radio, they really did a great job. Good tunes, good commentary and blow-by-blows that actually made sense. It's also very cool to be able to watch the fights the next day on YouTube.

I was pretty 50/50 with my predictions, which admittedly were based on very little hard fact.

The first day gave us wins for AAA (friends of the U'K), Dead Terrorists (Ahmed FTW!), Electus Matari (Minmatar FTW!) and others.

The U'K vs. Otherworld Empire Productions worried me right up until the last few seconds. I know who was involved on our team and who came up with those setups, but until everything was said and done I couldn't figure out the reasons. It was really risky and in the end we gave up quite a few points, but we beat some tourney favorites and proves you don't need skillpoints to be be effective in this format. Big congrats to my brothers and sisters in the U'K.!

The Federal Defense Union (Gallente FW team) did a really good job beating Capital Punishment, and the State Protectorate (Caldari FW team) won as well. The Tribal Liberation Force (Minmatar FW team) and 24th Imperial Crusade (Amarr FW team) didn't fair as well. All in all I was a little disappointed that they didn't fly 100% race-specific fleets. One could argue it's was for tactical concerns, but IMHO there's a matter of pride.

As per a great commentary slip-up, Exquisite Malevolence should change their name to Exquevolence.

The best fight of the day was R.U.R. vs. Celestial Imperative.CI fielded an expensive T2 lineup and R.U.R. went all T1 ships. Everyone called an early victory for CI but once the fight began all the commentators were dumb-struck as R.U.R. ripped CI apart swiftly. A great match and one for the books.

On day 2, Obviously I was pulling for the Bastards, who managed a victory, and Star Fraction (being RPers), who's win was not shocking at all. Molotov's loss was a little bit of a surprise, as was Agony's loss to the Beachboys. I'm glad the Goons lost to Ev0ke. I was hoping the Privateers would lose, as it was their gatecamp that cost be my Hyboria, but The Honda Accord really had no chance.

I learned a few things from it all. HACs and Command ships are really cool. Missiles are not useless if you use them right. The bane of drones is a smartbomb, which I thought had no real use. Mostly, you really don't need too many skillpoints to play a part in a fleet like that.

I also got a good overview of high-efficiency use of Caldari and Gallente ships, which were very much on display. Ishtars and Drakes and Kitsunes, oh my! Looking forward to being able to fly them all by the end of the year.

I also learned the true value of a good FC. Not only is it important in a ship-choice/setup/training capacity, but having the ability to analyze a situation instantly, create a solution and effectively command your fleet in order to execute it is a critical skill that during the matches it became painfully obvious that some teams had it and some did not. I wonder if EVE University has classes on Fleet Command...

Still waiting for the 2nd weekend matches to be announced. Apparently there were issues with point recordings. It'll probably be up later today. Next week I'll comment on the 2nd qualifiers and post my predictions for the finals. Amazingly, the finals will have a live video feed!

I got no problem clearing my schedule for the next 2 weekends to catch the rest of the tourney. I did a lot of mining in during the whole thing, so I was being productive as well.

I'm still new to the tourney scene, so calling a winner is difficult, but obviously I'm pulling for the U'K to take it all.


Friday, January 23, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 20.

Me? Mine? *shrugs*

Since there's very little I can do without certain skills that I'm working on currently, I've got little reason to log in. I could use my JC and join my brothers in nullsec, but that would seriously slow down my much-needed training. If I were on for a weekend, it would be a different story. Instead, I've been doing some writing, some reading (trying to read all the chronicles) and helping the wife get her space mojo.

She worked late last night, and I was looking for something mindless to do between projects, so I decided to log on to her account and mine for her. Dense Veldspar and Scordite gets mined pretty quickly and it's the most profitable in the system (which she doesn't want to leave yet). A little skill management on the side and she seemed pleased when she got home.

She saw a Hulk in action. I think I saw her drool a little.

We'll be at the passport office for quite a while later today, so I'm going to get her to read some guides I found on mining. I'm reading up as well so I can help her out whenever she needs me to. She's been great in training my skills when I'm not home, so keeping up with her industrial needs is the very least I can do.

Reason for getting passports? We're going to the New York Comic-Con! The wife and I weren't supposed to have a vacation this year, but since Barry is driving it's actually affordable for us to go. Barry knows some chefs in town and loves it there, so he's gonna show us around. Kurtis may come as well, as he has family there and could really use a vacation himself. I'll blog and tweet from the NYCC whenever I can find a connection.

I want to get a lot of EVE-related writing done this weekend. I have some good ideas in my head and I need them digital before porn or something pushes them out. Hopefully I'll find time to log in as well.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prano's Journey #3: Nemesis

Kariam Zol watched unmoved as a man was tortured a few metres away.

The dungeon under the castle in which they were located was ancient tens of thousands of years ago, and it was a testament to Amarr skill that it still stood.

Kariam was a paladin on special detachment from House Sarum. An order from the empress herself created a small "wetworks" organization called Faith. Made up of a small handful of the best Paladins from all noble houses, they operated under a mandate of seeking out and destroying those individuals who posed unique threats to Amarr. The answered only to the empress herself, and officially did not exist.

Kariam had been hunting this man, who by many accounts did not exist himself, for months. Now this shadow of the same man was strapped to a chair, naked and bleeding from a growing number of wounds. Here was a man well-versed in the arts of subterfuge and intrigue, yet in the end Kariam's devotion and faith had seem him the victor.

Torture as a means of interrogation was something Kariam found fascinating on a purely intellectual level. The balances of pain, hope and coercion was a delicate ballet between the torturer and subject. Too little and to don't get anything, while too much and the information you get will be tainted. Kariam watched as the man was constantly pressured and questioned for several days. Kariam did not sleep during this, and he took intricate mental notes for future reference.

The man was nearly dead, and even though he was trained to resist torture by the Elders, Kariam's aid was just too skilled. Much that the man revealed was already known to Kariam. The Minmatar went by the name "Eyes", and it was doubtful that he had any real identity. He was a capsuleer, but his implants had been disabled before the torture began so that death would be permanent. Eyes worked for the Minmatar Elders (seven horrible apparitions akin to demons in the eyes of the Amarr), but knew little about their actual operations. Kariam wasn't after anything specific, but this man had to know something of use. Unfortunately he would be dead in a few minutes.

Kariam ordered his agent to leave. Coercion would have little effect now. First removing his white gloves and tucking them neatly into his belt, Kariam unshackled his prey and stood him up on a pool of dried blood. Eyes could barely stay level, and death's grasp was slowly closing around his heart. Kariam placed his hands on Eyes' head and squeezed. Eyes began to scream and howl with pain that didn't seem entirely physical. Kariam's gaze drilled into Eyes, seeking his prey's last, dark secret.

After what seemed like eternity, Kariam suddenly let go, and Eyes fell to the ground, instantly devoid of life. The stoic paladin retrieved his gloves from his belt and left the dungeon, ascending the stone stairwell and exiting the hollow remains of the castle. This isle on Mehkios was virtually untouched by development and belonged to the empress herself as a natural retreat locale. The only artificial structure other than the castle was a landing pad. Kariam's shuttle was being checked by his agent, and Kariam would head to one of the system's station to procure a ship, crew supplies and information to start his next hunt.

Only one word escaped Eyes' mind at the moment of death. This word held connections to concepts such as hope and truth within his mind. It was this word that drove paladin Kariam Zol to the stars, and it escaped his lips as his shuttle took off.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Comic Impressions - War of Dark Invasion


2008 almost every comic series was constantly woven into one event or another. While it's a boon to continuity and lesser-known characters looking for a little spotlight, it's not so great for readers, since getting the whole story requires a significant investment. I'm betting this boosts trade paperback sales, but if it does it's only at the expense of direct monthly issues.

I didn't pay attention to Secret Invasion. Too complicated. The plan was to see how it looked as a completed story after all was said and done, then consider buying the trades. Turns out the whole thing wasn't exactly mind-blowing, so I'm content to pick up the key points from wikis and aftermath issues. To me, the whole thing felt like a retcon.

Now we have Dark Reign. The premise is a little more interesting to me than Invasion. Everything has been shaken up in a more interesting way than "who is a Skrull and who can you trust?". The most powerful man in the world is a known supervillain and psychotic, Norman Osborn, a.k.a The Green Goblin. the line between heroes and villains is no longer about the superhuman registration law and the 50-state initiative, it's all about Norman and weather you're with him or against him. Some see him at a danger, some see him as just another boss or someone to be bargained with, and some see him as an ally.

At some point Marvel has to get off the event-leading-into-event train and leave the 616 in a good position to breed epics, but they're not saying if Dark Reign is the last or not. For now, I'm reading. Iron Man looks to be taking a good turn in this event, Tony Stark and his allies being the most wanted people in America at this point. Looking forward to Dark Avengers, though I hope that they revamp Hawkeye's costume at some point, since the one he had in Ultimates was awesome. I'm very skeptical about The Initiative, since it's looking like a slow and painful death if the script doesn't pick up.

In the X-books... X-FORCE ROCKS! Other than that, I'm interested in what Emma Frost is doing most of all. She's sort of the Queen of mutantkind, Scott Summers being the king. Scott is acting without her in the best interests of the species, and she's left out. Now, anyone who knows Frost knows that's completely unacceptable to her, so what should she do? Ororo (Storm, Queen of Wakanda, but you knew that, right?) suggested that if she considers herself a queen, she should start acting like one. If her intentions are truly aligned with Scott's, then they will meet along that path at some point. So, she accepts an invitation from Osborn to a secret meeting with all these leaders (mostly villains) and says to Frost if mutants stay out of his way, H.A.M.M.E.R. will stay out of theirs. She accepts, for now.

X-Fernius is a bit of a surprisingly good read. 2 issues in, its an attempt at fixing the most convoluted and confusing story on Marvel history, that of Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina. So far it's doing a good job at progressing the story, and hopefully when all is said and done she'll be a viable character for the future.

Still reading Nova, though the story is lacking the punch it once had. Guardians of the Galaxy is still a great read with perfect pace, writing and art. More people should be reading this one.

I may drop Skarr: Son of the Hulk from my pull list. I tried to give this one the benefit of the doubt, but I'm just not happy with it. It's a good sign to drop a book when you end up not caring where the story is going.

Reading Green Lantern titles. Everything is revving up for the War of Light event, which I can't wait for. I was a little concerned that after the event all these new Lantern corps will disappear, but when the more I read the less I think that's about to happen. I think DC saw how well Marvel reinvigorated their space stories and is trying to do the same with theirs. I hope they succeed.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Need help with EVEmon.

I said I was going to do a comics post, but this EVEmon this is really pissing me off. I've scoured the forums and can't seem to find an answer.

A lot of people seem to have a problem getting the right API key and forget to log out. That is not my problem.

My problem is that once I input the wife's usercode and API, it reads hers just fine but forgets mine. To get it back to reading mine, I'd have to re-input my own API but then it forgets hers.

What I'm looking for is a way to have two users and APIs being read at the same time.

I even tried seeing if I could run two EVEmon clients at the same time, but it doesn't want to do that either.

I will wire a few million isk to whoever can help me with this.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Not just my life in EVE anymore!

I am one persistent bastard sometimes.

The plan was I'd wait for her to finish Fable 2 before starting her up in EVE. She was happy with that plan. I had no intention of going along with that plan. I was subtle at times, puppy-eyed at others. I babied her on her day off and she gave in. Seeing an opening, I signed her up for a full year. At this point she knows I have her trapped, so she goes with the flow and starts up her first character.

She'd already done some basic reading on everything but pew-pew, and her worry ebbed and flowed. She started building her character, and the sweet sensation of capsuleer life took hold once she got to the portrait creator. She spent a good 40 minutes on it, and commented at how impressed she was and how much she looked forward to ambulation.

Aura. The tutorial of hell. Whining, "umms" and "meeps" abound. Never fear though, I was right there with her translating and explaining as best I could. In no time she was warping her first rat and mining her first units of veldspar. Once aura was done talking, I continued where she left off. I got her training skills training and logged her off, still explaining stuff. Logging into my account, I found her character and wired her 15mill. Enough for some skillbooks, a Burst and a set of +3 implants.

I continued to explain the basic nuances of EVE while she continued to mine. She mined the whole day. I could tell she enjoyed it.

11.5 hours later, and she was in her Burst mining with two basic mining lasers. He skills can't support anything else at this point. She seems very content to mine veld in her training system for a few months, and I've suggested that she get all her learning skills first thing while she shoots the pretty rocks. I suggested she join EVE University after that.

I told her that EVE can be cripplingly vast in scope unless you break down your goals. Hers are (in order from short-term to long-term):

- Get learning skills up (rank 1s to V, others to IV).
- Join EVE-Uni.
- Build skills to properly utilize Burst.
- Learn research.
- Get ORE (Covetor) and industrial ship (Mammoth).
- Build skills to properly utilize ORE ship.
- Learn how to manufacture.
- Find a good industrial corp.
- Look at Exhumers.

That should take her about a year. Obviously even the best-laid plans change and morph, but it's good to have a plan.

EVE definitely has it's hooks in her. I fully expect to find her mining dense veldspar when I get home. She's intent on proving to me she's worthy of the title "gamer" in all its obsessive glory. Playing EVE, the most hardcore of all videogames is a great start IMHO. She's named herself Howlynn. She used to always call herself Reivyn, but when I told her "Raven" was the 4th most used stripper name, it sort of ruined it for her. Since then she's been playing around with Reivanna. I told her to be 1337 you need to stick to a handle and not change it every three months. She knows, she tries.

The only problem is I can't get EVEMon to accept more than one API. I thought it was built to do that, but I can't seem to figure it out. A little help would be much appreciated.

Obviously I had little time to log in myself, but my drone skills continue to chug away and I took a look at our killboards. I was very worried when I heard about all the heat coming our way, but from what I'm seeing and hearing I think those fears were unfounded. I failed to take into account the huge discrepancy in skill between us and them.

Tomorrow will be a comics post. After reading over $130 worth, I would hope I have something to say. For now I leave you with the Blue Lantern's oath.

In fearful day,
in raging night.
With strong hearts full,
our souls ignite.

When all seems lost in the war of light,
Look to the stars,


Friday, January 16, 2009

I really need a vacation...

First off, a big thank you to everyone who commented on my story that ENN ran. As always ANY criticism is more appreciated than you may know.

I'll be submitting more and making strides to get published on EON and volunteering for CCP. The reason for this ramping-up of goals is due in part to my RL convos with Roc and CK. Roc told me the reason he teamed with Sam to make Capsuleer was for the sole reason that they wanted it for themselves. Necessity is the mother of invention. This made me ask myself if there was anything I wanted from CCP that I could theoretically make myself. Scientific, sociological, and historical articles came to mind.

Afterwards, CK suggested going to EON and CCP, as any article they publish is canon, vetted and reaches a wide audience. He's had experience with both and thought I had the chops, which was a huge complement, and I owe it to everyone to make good on it. It's a challenge, but one I feel I have the ability to succeed at.

Add on to that my podcast plans, and I think I may end up in the same trap CK finds himself in now. When will I actually play the game? I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

Roc's home sick with a stomach flu thing. Everyone please wish him a speedy recovery. Also, I don't want to name names but I know of quite a few players who are having serious RL issues with employment. If you have the ability, buying an in-game friend a GTC to get them through a tough time is a wonderful gesture. We need to try and support ourselves as a community during these current economic woes. Even well-wishes goes a long way.

It's been a year since I started this security job and I've worked Monday to Friday (and even some weekends) for that entire time. I think it's starting to wear me down. Have you ever decided not to take a vacation for the sole reason that you didn't want a temp fucking everything up and then having to fix it all when you get back?

This weekend is going to involve some house work and some major grocery shopping (wow... I have mustard?), but mostly I want to do some reading (comics, every EVE chronicle, novels) and writing (on-going projects). I may not even touch a video game at all. Also need to get on the EVE-O forums and finish uploading LSoP, and put up my first BattleClinic loadouts. I hope I can get the wife's EVE account running and let her run through the tutorial while I get foods. I intend to wire her 50mill to get started. Too much, not enough or just right?


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fun with CrazyKinux

Been a pretty good week for me as a New Eden Resident, but even better as an EVE-blogger. First I had beer and wings with Roc Wieler on Monday, and last night I had sushi with CrazyKinux.

He's taller than I thought he'd be...

Yeah CK is in Toronto getting training for his new job, which sounds pretty cool (I have some basic understandings of it through my college career), and he's pretty stoked about it. I managed to get the wife to come with, as she loves sushi and good company as well.

CK was indeed great company. Like my meeting with Roc, I did far too much talking and listening, and far too little eating. It's a habit of mine that my appetite disappears when I'm in a good convo.

We spoke about the future of EVE, blogs, podcasts and fiction. Some arrangements were made and some brainstorming done. All will be revealed in due time. 2009 will be interesting indeed.

We both drooled over the concept of CCP moving out of Iceland and possibly into Canada. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver all have benefits in place to attract IT and game developers, and Canada is in a good position to weather the current economic crisis. Add to that the rumor that the people who run E3 are looking to have a BIG game show in Canada, perhaps as early as this year.

My piece for ENN isn't up yet. I'm not sure if it's still pending or if it's been rejected. I hope someone would have the decency to tell me if it was rejected, so I'm assuming the former. I'll update here when the situation changes.

CK suggested getting a hand into EON. I may just.

Not sure if I'm going to have time to undock for a few days. I've been letting some other things go (looking into the Canadian Reserves, reading novels and comics, writing projects, etc...) and I should really attend to them. Skills won't suffer.

I may just rejoin the Facebook community...



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 19.

I call it "Asset Consolidation". What it entails is warping around in the CSF Convoy through patches of low-sec to pick up the spoils from shopping sprees. This time it was hundreds of thousands of rounds of large projectile ammo of every kind, and that good Drake BPC I won.

It's funny watching local and seeing pirates be pissed that I repeatedly slipping away from them, thanks to my "Repose" Core Compensation module. They are obviously not of the same calibre of pirate as the Hellcats.

When I mentioned to Roc I had a BPC, he must have heard BPO, because he told me I could sell it for 300-400mill. That dream came to a crashing halt last night as I actually looked into it. After checking with my corp and doing a little research of my own, I sold it to my corp for 5mill. It may have been a small amount, but I have none of the necessary skills to effectively utilize a BPC, and the corp can use it for the war effort.

Scout Drone Op V finished last night and I'm currently juggling some other drone support skills with Large Projectile Turret IV.

My Maelstrom setup seems to have gotten the attention of a few in my corp and alliance, who like how it's performing and wish to see more. I'm gonna post it on the alliance forum and BattleClinic this weekend.

Tonight's plan is to meet up with the famous CrazyKinux, who's in Toronto. We just missed each other Monday night, and I'm not sure if I can get Roc out again on a Wednesday, as he's a very busy guy. It's all being arranged over Twitter, so I hope it works out before he has to head back to Montreal.

EVE News Network's grand reopening is scheduled for today. Right now I'm getting a 403 error, but it should be up sometime today. I'll update this post with a link to my first piece for them when it's up. The first of many.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prano's Journey #2: The Once and Future Kings.

My meeting with Colonel Roc Wieler presented several challenges.

First, I had to get into Evati alive. It being a den of pirates was a problem, as I wished to enter and leave the system without incident. I accomplish my ingress via a Republic civilian transport. Pirates didn't normally harass civies as there was little profit to be made, and the wrath of CONCORD would not be far behind.

Keeping my status as a capsuleer hidden was a skill I'd become proficient in. There was plenty of distrust between normal humans and the trans-human pod-pilot community, and avoiding that during initial contact with the down-trodden people I sought to help was important. After docking at the station and going through the same public decontamination procedures that all normal people had to endure, I stepped on to a magtrain and headed to the meeting place the Colonel had chosen.

One could easily tell it was an officer's club that had as some point been commandeered by the local pirates. A spray-painted symbol featuring a cat with over-sized fangs gave me some idea of who called this place home.

I make a living hunting pirates, so walking into a literal den of thieves was not my idea of a wise tactical decision, especially when I was unarmed. I had to assume however, I was the only one without a weapon. This evening could turn from cordial to deadly in the time it took to pull a trigger.

It was not difficult to pick Roc out of the crowd. He sat at a table in the centre of the room, facing the only door. He had a half-consumed beer and a pocket terminal with him, but his attention never wavered from the door. The moment I entered, he deactivated the terminal. I could sense the tension in the room rise slightly, telling me he had friends here ready to shoot me the moment he gave the signal. I tried not to look around too much as to not let on I knew I was being watched. I approached the table and bowed.

“Roc Wieler. It's an honour to meet a warrior of such skill and renown. I'm grateful for this opportunity to speak.” I said, still bowing, but keeping my eyes locked with his. Coming off as too submissive would surely backfire between Brutor. I omitted his rank from my greeting, as I was unsure how some ease-dropping pirate at the next table may respond. The Colonel stared for 10 seconds, sizing me up, then nodded at the chair opposite from him. I sat. A waitress came by and I ordered a beer, same as Roc.

Roc took a chug of his beer before starting. “Just so you know, I've done a little checking up on you. I'm curious what someone who grew up adopted by a Gallente mogul can teach me about being Minmatar.”

I told the Colonel my story, as I've told many before him. I told him about the Prano clan before the Amarr came. I told him about my mother and the hundreds of other slaves who died liberating me from that Amarr Battleship, leaving me with only a message on a datacore as evidence of my family heritage. I told him about my adopted father, who set me on the path to becoming a capsuleer so that I may find my own path in life. I told him about the Elders, who lured me out into the Great Wildlands and trained me in the ancient ways of our people. Finally, I told him about he people I've been helping and my efforts with the Ushra'Khan.

“We're a civilization with a lost history. We're bound together by a vague understanding and the simple notion of that history. We're tied together by our anger for the Amarr, but there will come a point when even that won't be enough. Shakor knows this and so do the Elders, but change on a scale such at this is a difficult thing, especially when many among us are still disenfranchised. Unfortunately, by the time this all becomes apparent, you'll be in the centre of the storm of hearts and minds and souls. I'm here to prepare you for that.”

The Colonel shook his head as an almost inaudible chuckle escaped him. “I'm not the man you think I am. I'm a soldier and a commander, but I'm no leader. Let Shakor do that. Once the fighting is done I just want to be left alone.”

I took another sip of my drink. I was starting to understand the man behind the stories. “You may not have a choice in it. You're a victim of your own success, and even though it was not your intention, others have started to rally to the tales of your exploits.

“By the end of this war you'll be a hero in the eyes of our people. Your frame will be covered in medals and you'll be forced to go to parties and events that you don't want to go to. People will look to become important through proximity and association, but then our collective adrenaline will fade and we will begin to crave meaning in the peace and prosperity we'll have created for ourselves though bloodshed. You're already the warrior, but I can show you how to be the philosopher we will all need you to be.”

Roc's mood was beginning to sour, and I couldn't tell if it was due to impatience with me or an understanding that he was indeed trapped. I extended my senses past our table, trying to discern who in the room posed a threat to me should the Colonel decide I was not to leave breathing. There, behind me, the tall Minmatar red-head. A gun was laying on her lap. I wouldn't be able to avoid her shot at this range. Careful not to turn to view her. I suddenly felt very naked without my kandjal.

“So, what exactly are you offering?” asked Roc. I still couldn't tell what had him on his last nerve, but I'd have to choose my next words carefully.

“A past. Our past, so that you can help create a future for our people, a future you fight for now. I studied the ancient literature the Elders took with them to escape the Amarr, but without that wisdom, we can't grow as a people. We can not see the path before us without understanding where our feet have already fallen. The Prano legacy is that of peacemakers between tribes and advisers to the Elders. I offer myself as a spiritual guide, to be called upon whenever you need answers. I ask that if you find those who seek a deeper understanding of what it means to be Minmatar, send them to me. When the time comes, it will be my duty to arm you with the wisdom all of Matar will seek from you.”

I downed the last of my drink and rose slowly to my feet. “The choice is yours. You have my personal comm information. You'll be able to reach me anywhere and at any time.” I bowed again and turned to leave. Harping on the point would do me no good. Better to let the conversation stir in his mind and let him come to me when he's ready, rather then push him now.

“I may just do that.” Roc said before I reached the door. I turned, surprised at his comment. Roc had already risen from his seat and was now at the bar, being joined by the red-head.

I rented a room for the night, as the next civilian transport didn't leave until the next day. I meditated on my encounter with Colonel Roc Wieler. I could only hope that he would call upon me before it was too late for us all.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 18.

Not much this weekend in actual play, but that doesn't mean I haven't moved forward.

YoMma has unveiled the next phase of his EVE-Fiction/World Domination project. The EVE-Fiction Blog Pack!

The EVE Fiction Pack

Life in Low Sec - Mynxee

Roc’s Ramblings - Roc Wieler

Sweet Little Bad Girl - Shae Tiann

A Mule in EVE - Manasi

Diving into PsycheDiver’s Psyche - PsycheDiver (ME!)

Diary of a Pod Pilot - Myrhial Arkenath

I May Find Peace Within the Emptiness… - YoMma

Ombeve - Ombey

Other than writing the fiction, my part of my this project also entails the podcast. YoMma contacted me about it before he went public with his plans, and I'm very happy to interweave my podcast project into his overall plan. Since the Pack went live I've been doing some research about software to use and voice talent to tap. I'll keep you apprised.

Sometimes I get a little worried for CCP and their complete immersion projects. The community is just doing this stuff without them and I hope that CCP's product has enough pull to get us to use it. Go to the official EVE site and find the World Domination video from Fanfest '08 to learn about their plans.

Ran some lvl.4 missions late Saturday night with Tito and Zedd. Zedd's an old member of COGnet who's recently returned from an EVE hiatus. If fact, we've gotten a good number of returning players back into the corp and they're surprisingly active. A far cry from the deadness of the last few months. The U'K really doesn't operate on a corp-by-corp basis, but it's nice to have an active corp channel for once.

I've suggested the U'K may operate better if it were consolidated as a single corp. Not a popular sentiment at the moment. I guess there's too much ego on the line.

Anyways, the missions were to further test my turrets and tank, of which I've tweaked a little. Once I'm done the upgrading to higher meta modules I'll post it on BattleClinic and see what people think. I'm happy with the tank so far as I was able to do quite well with a lot of punishment and mediocre skills. My DPS skills are something I'll have to look at soon though. Used the profit to buy enough ammo for the next few months of missioning. Gonna break out the CSF Convoy to pick all of it up Tuesday night.

Tuesday night also marks the point at which I can finally use T2 scout drones. Once I get the other drone support skills up more I'll be buying some and combat-testing different groupings. With a drone bay of only 100m3 my options are a tad limited, but drones are essential to my anti-frigate (and to some extent anti-cruiser) strategy.

Kirith Kodachi celebrated a blogging milestone recently, and to mark the occasion he held a single-number lottery for readers. I chose 42 (according to the Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, is the answer to everything) and won a "Max Run Drake Battlecruiser BPC (With decent ME)". From what I can gather, a BPC is a Blueprint Copy, and I have no idea what a "ME" is. That said, it sounds expensive and I could really use the iskies. I'll first see if anyone in the alliance wants it, and if not I'll go on the open market with it. Thanks to Kirith! I really love his writing fictional starship write-ups.

FINALLY got the wife to agree to play EVE. After she's done with Fable 2 (which really has her attention ATM) we'll be starting up a new account for her and transferring my alt Howlynn to her. She'll be mining/refining/manufacturing, but I've also told her about invention and exploration.

Right now she has no interest in pew-pew (though she finds that term oh-so-cute, along with "iskies" and "yarr"), but that could change in the future. My job right now is to help her climb the learning cliff, send her some cash to start up quickly and find her a good corp/mentor.

Meanwhile we've decided to build a computer together for the first time (fuck Dell), and we're aiming to have a killer machine dual-booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu by the fall.

Tonight I meet Roc in RL for some wings, beer, convo and general good times. If he's cool with it I may even snap a pic with my phone and post it here.

Tomorrow should be the next installment of Prano's Journey (depicting tonight's meet in EVE terms), which I'll do more frequently. I've gotten some good feedback about my writing from a few talents in the EVE blogosphere, and hopefully I'll continue to grow as a fiction writer. My training in the past was journalistic in nature, so it's a departure. Last Son of Prano was a learning experience, and I'll go over what I learned from it on a future post.

Today and tomorrow I'm also writing something that (hopefully) may find its way on to ENN. I'm trying to get a little outside my comfort zone and pull you out of yours with it. I don't think a story like this has been told in EVE yet.

Hoping my copy of EON #14 is at home waiting for me.


Friday, January 9, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 17.

Damn you EFT, why do you have to give me options?

Energy Grid IV finished last night and now I'm working on Scout Drone Operation so I can fly T2 light drones, but while I was waiting I got reacquainted with the EVE Fitting Tool. Before the skill finished, I'd gone from sure about my module choices to having three options.

The CSF Hozukimaru (Maelstrom) is set like this:

8x 1200MM Artillery Turrets.
2x Large Shield Extenders
2x Shield Hardeners
1x Large Shield Booster
1x Shield Recharger
2x Gyros
1x Damage Control
3x Capacitor Control Circuits

Here's the dilemma. That leaves two low slots open. The plan was to throw in two Power Diagnostic Systems, giving me a very solid tank and a capacitor that EFT says will hold out for 36 minutes. Now I'm asking myself if that's too much. Am I under-utilizing my arties? I want one PDS in there (which gives me 12 minutes of cap time) but what could I use that last low for? Tracking Enchancer? Another Gyro?

I'm seeing a lot of the best-voted Maelstroms on BattleClinic running 3 or more Gyros.

Then I started thinking about switching the recharger for a shield boost amp.

First Option.

Second Option.

I'm really at a loss and actually lost some sleep over this last night. Need help!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 16.

First an announcement, then some combat, and finally a mystery!

My good friend YoMma has unveiled his master plan for the total domination of all EVE fiction! I trust he will be a benevolent ruler and look forward to being one of his trusted lieutenants. This is going to be big, and my part (other than supplying him with grade A fiction) will be to tie in my podcast to his project. Needless to say we're both very jazzed about all this. It's gonna be an interesting year.

/me cackles wildly.

Anywho! Didn't plan on it, but I ended up undocking the Hozukimaru and making an 11 jump trip to Hakeri to meet up with Tito for a lvl.4 mission. Tito's come back to Empire to make some iskies to supply the war effort.

I undocked my incomplete Maelstrom for several reasons:

- I haven't made a real profit in over a week.
- I needed to test my arties, which I've never used.
- I needed to test my tanking under fire conditions.
- Fun times with the friends and all the pew-pew.

I'm not sure what mission it way, but it dealt with a pleasure and a lot of Mercenary Battleships. Tito brought his Domi and warped in first to draw some aggro. I followed and began learning about arty combat as quickly as possible. Sniping is fun but it's a little difficult when the top speed of your ship is 117m/s. I was firing 8x1400MM meta 0s and hitting with 1500+ damage with 2xgyro IIs backing them up. Would a third be a waste? I need to go back to BattleClinic and try to gleam some answers.

I was getting my sense of ranges when Tito said he had to warp out because his tanking wasn't set up properly. Fighting mercs can be tricky. So suddenly I have 8 Sentinels bearing down on me annd I'm firing back while having my tank tested for the first time. Took Tito a while to get back, but he seemed very impressed by how my shields and cap held out. Mind you I still have yet to install my 2xPower Diagnostic System IIs, so it should improve a little.

The last thing I need to test is my drones. This will be done when I get their skills up and I buy some T2 drones off the market. All-in-all the Hozukimaru held up nicely.

Now, a mystery!

Tito suggested I switch to 1200MM arties for better tracking, but just before I logged off I compared what I was running now (1400MM meta 0 arties) to their 1200MM meta 4 counterparts (Scouts), and their tracking numbers were the same. Go into the market and compare the numbers yourself, but it doesn't seem right. Should I notify CCP about this? I need to figure this out soon. Help!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 15.

Skill update time!

Corporation Management:
Corporation Management Rank 1

Amarr Drone Specialization Rank 1
Caldari Drone Specialization Rank 1
Combat Drone Operation Rank 3
Drone Durability Rank 2
Drone Interfacing Rank 2
Drone Navigation Rank 3
Drone Sharpshooting Rank 3
Drones Rank 5
Gallente Drone Specialization Rank 1
Heavy Drone Operation Rank 1
Minmatar Drone Specialization Rank 1
Scout Drone Operation Rank 3

Cloaking Rank 1
Electronic Warfare Rank 2
Electronics Rank 5
Electronics Upgrades Rank 2
Frequency Modulation Rank 2
Long Range Targeting Rank 3
Propulsion Jamming Rank 3
Sensor Linking Rank 1
Signature Analysis Rank 3
Survey Rank 2
Target Painting Rank 2
Targeting Rank 4
Weapon Disruption Rank 2

EM Shield Compensation Rank 2
Energy Emission Systems Rank 3
Energy Grid Upgrades Rank 3
Energy Management Rank 4
Energy Systems Operation Rank 5
Engineering Rank 5
Explosive Shield Compensation Rank 2
Kinetic Shield Compensation Rank 2
Shield Compensation Rank 4
Shield Emission Systems Rank 2
Shield Management Rank 4
Shield Operation Rank 4
Shield Upgrades Rank 3
Tactical Shield Manipulation Rank 3
Thermic Shield Compensation Rank 2

Advanced Weapon Upgrades Rank 2
Controlled Bursts Rank 1
Gunnery Rank 5
Large Projectile Turret Rank 3
Medium Artillery Specialization Rank 2
Medium Autocannon Specialization Rank 3
Medium Projectile Turret Rank 5
Motion Prediction Rank 5
Rapid Firing Rank 4
Sharpshooter Rank 4
Small Artillery Specialization Rank 4
Small Autocannon Specialization Rank 4
Small Hybrid Turret Rank 2
Small Projectile Turret Rank 5
Surgical Strike Rank 3
Trajectory Analysis Rank 4
Weapon Upgrades Rank 5

Mining Rank 1

Armoured Warfare Rank 1
Information Warfare Rank 1
Leadership Rank 1
Siege Warfare Rank 1
Skirmish Warfare Rank 1


Analytical Mind Rank 5
Clarity Rank 4
Eidetic Memory Rank 4
Empathy Rank 5
Focus Rank 4
Instant Recall Rank 5
Iron Will Rank 5
Learning Rank 5
Logic Rank 4
Presence Rank 4
Spatial Awareness Rank 5

Armour Rigging Rank 2
Drones Rigging Rank 1
EM Armour Compensation Rank 2
Explosive Armour Compensation Rank 3
Hull Upgrades Rank 5
Jury Rigging Rank 3
Kinetic Armour Compensation Rank 3
Launcher Rigging Rank 1
Mechanic Rank 5
Projectile Weapon Rigging Rank 1
Remote Armour Repair Systems Rank 2
Repair Systems Rank 5
Shield Rigging Rank 1
Thermic Armour Compensation Rank 3

Missile Launcher Operation:
Heavy Assault Missiles Rank 2
Heavy Missiles Rank 4
Missile Bombardment Rank 3
Missile Launcher Operation Rank 4
Rapid Launch Rank 3
Rockets Rank 3
Standard Missiles Rank 3
Target Navigation Prediction Rank 3
Warhead Upgrades Rank 4

Acceleration Control Rank 4
Afterburner Rank 4
Evasive Maneuvering Rank 4
Fuel Conservation Rank 4
High Speed Maneuvering Rank 3
Navigation Rank 5
Warp Drive Operation Rank 4

Astrometrics Rank 2
Biology Rank 2
Cybernetics Rank 4
Infomorph Psychology Rank 2
Science Rank 3
Signal Acquisition Rank 1

Connections Rank 4
Criminal Connections Rank 1
Diplomacy Rank 2
Fast Talk Rank 2
Negotiation Rank 3
Social Rank 4

Spaceship Command:
Assault Ships Rank 1
Battlecruisers Rank 4
Caldari Frigate Rank 2
Destroyers Rank 1
Gallente Frigate Rank 3
Minmatar Battleship Rank 4
Minmatar Cruiser Rank 4
Minmatar Frigate Rank 4
Minmatar Industial Rank 4
Spaceship Command Rank 5

Trade Rank 2

Skillbooks Pending Training:
Astrometric Triangulation
Electronic Attack Ships
Guided Missile Precision
Heavy Missile Specialization
Long Distance Jamming
Covert Ops
Astrometric Pinpointing
Rocket Specialization
Heavy Assault Ships
Heavy Assault Missile Specialization
Standard Missile Specialization

As you can see I still have not gotten around to working on my drones, though now that I've got the CSF Hozukimaru cap-tested it's next on the list. Right now I'm training Energy Grid Upgrades to IV so I can install 2 T2 Power Diagnostic Systems. A combat shakedown should be conducted over the weekend.

It's funny. I'm feeling this nervousness about taking her into combat. I have the same sensation every time I fly a new ship, especially if it's a new class. Is that common?

As for the CSF Haruko, I've got to not only get my armour repper online (grid issue I think. I can't remember and I don't want to clone jump again until the weekend since my nullsec clone does not have any implants) but I also need to get my rocket and tacking skills up a few more notches.

As usual, suggestions are welcome. I'll post another update in a few weeks.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 14.

Prep is the name of the game right now.

I threw together a tackling Rifter and sent it with my Jump Clone down to Utopia. My corp exec was kind enough to scout the last few jumps for me, and give me a hand with some TeamSpeak and Vent troubleshooting. Prep in this case right now means getting Minmatar Frigate to V and working on my tacking-related skills, which are more than a little lacking. I've named my Rifter the CSF Haruko (FLCL reference). Every ship with a Rifter hull will be named that in sequence.

One thing nobody told me was that there's a 24-hour timer between clone jumps. Is there a skill that can reduce that time?

Empire-side, I made use of the CSF Convoy (Mammoth) to move myself from Abudban to Frarn. Seems like just yesterday I moved from Frarn to Abudban. Frarn has a lv.4 Brutor Tribe Security agent. There's a better one in Amamake but I've been strongly advised to avoid that system for missions. Too many of the Ushra'Khan's enemies roam that area.

The CSF Hōzukimaru (Maelstrom, name means Demon Light) took its maiden voyage and I ran a cap test before redocking. I'm rather pleased with how long my cap held out for an active shield tank, and I have yet to install my Power Diagnostic Systems. It's the first time I've used rigs (3 T1 cap rigs) and I think it was a good investment. Once I've run a few missions and had the opportunity to upgrade the meta of a few modules, I'll post the setup here and maybe on BattleClinic. The only reason I'm not running missions with it yet is I want to get my engineering and drones skills up a little more.

Last night I plugged in a full set of +4 implants into my empire clone. I feel tingly and smrt.

Called Roc last night to set up the meeting (got him during dinner... sorry Roc) and set it for next Monday. Hooking up at my favorite store in the world and from there we'll probably head to the St.Louis at the Atrium on Bay. The food there sucks but the wings are what you may call epically decent, meaning there's a solid set of wings and sauces but nothing special. Beer selection is a little above standard.

I gotta ask him if I can buy his CD off him directly. I'll give him a better deal that CafePress is per unit, I'll buy a few copies and give them to some friends. Hopefully that's cool with him.

The poll closed a few days ago. Big thanx and hugz to everyone who voted. It was a tie between "Stories from New Eden" and "Voices from The Void". I'll count them both as winning and make the final decision along with contributors when we finally get around to making this thing. Gotta think of a new poll. Suggestions?

YoMma contact me yesterday about his "plans". This is going to shake the EVE writing community to its core and ripple through the foreseeable future, so stay tuned.


Monday, January 5, 2009

2008: Year in Review.

2008: Year in Review.

2008 was definitely a great year for geekdom, and being an uber-geek, I flourished in it.

Firstly, I returned to EVE. I did a lot of research into what I did wrong during my first jaunt and vowed not to rush into stupid decisions. My goals were to find a group to Role-Play with, and to become proficient in PvP. I managed to join the famous Ushra'Khan alliance, and was placed into the corporation COGNet SpaceSystems Ltd. They turned out to be a very supporting group, but the RP was a little lacking, so I decided to write a multi-chapter story and see where that would take me.

I still have an Xbox 360, but my game library grew at a scary pace. I have games that I bought months ago that I haven't had more that 10 minutes with, triple-A titles though they may be. Games like Gears of War 2, Dead Space, Grand Theft Auto 4, Fable 2, Fallout 3 and more. I haven't gotten around to buying a PS3, but it's in the pipe for '09. My comp isn't where in needs to be hardware-wise for the EVE premium client graphics or for the newer PC games, but I'll get around to building a gaming rig at some point. I bought a netbook. Asus EeePC1001. Sweet little machine that navigates the series of tubes with ease.

I started a blog. I wanted a place to write about myself and publish any work I may write. Others have told me that I should have a separate blogs for separate subjects, but that won't be happening. This blog is about me, not EVE. EVE players may read it, but I'm not here to cater to them at my own expense. This isn't journalism. I've done journalism (a 40,000 copy weekly circulation and a national roundtable conference), and that's not my goal here. If you're interested and entertained by my blog, I thank you for your interest.

In comics, Marvel gave us a series of huge events that tied one into another and brought new life to old and new characters alike. DC gave me a reason (finally) to read Green Lantern, and I finally started to read indie comics like Atomic Robo. I met Matt Fraction and actually learned something. We lost Michael Turner to a long battle with bone cancer. We got some good movie adaptations, and some horrible ones.

In anime, things were a little light this year, which is probably a boon to my bank account. Gurren-Lagann showed us that nothing is impossible. Haruhi Susumiya showed if we think nothing odd is happening, we're not looking hard enough. In Japan the industry began a painful change away from cookie-cutter shows and physical formats.

I bought a new TV (LG Scarlet 37") and canceled my cable TV to cut costs. Most shows I'll just buy on DVD, but I'm still going to miss Battlestar Galactica. That said, I canceled the service 3 months ago and they have yet to actually disconnect it. Sweet.

Didn't go to the movie cinema much this year, though Dark Knight is now my all-time favorite Hollywood film. Too bad The Spirit flopped.

Didn't read many novels, though Empyrean Age was pretty good. I plan to start buying novels in bulk from Amazon.

I began listening to a lot more Epic Metal and Nerdcore rap. Alt rock is still pretty prevalent but getting indie stuff is a little tricky. No concerts. Maybe in '09.

I realized the local big convention (FanExpo) is not worth by time anymore, so the decision was made to try getting to PAX, NYCC, SDCC and EVE FanFest in the next few years.

I took a huge chunk out of my debt, and I hope to have a lot more financial freedom in '09 to actually further my career.

Politics and economies were... fucked almost everywhere in the world. Good thing Obama is in though...

Cheers to '09, and to you, good reader.


Friday, January 2, 2009


I want to write a year-in-review, but I need time. It's been a pretty messed-up week and I need a chance to remove myself from things before analysis. Expect a review Monday, which I'll write on the weekend. Also included will be my plans, hopes and fears for '09.

I think I've sustained my first Wii injury. I slightly pulled by right tricep. If I ever get a Wii, I need to remember to stretch first. Gods, am I out of shape or what...


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy '09!

Last night was Korean BBQ and a few shots of Yeager... good times, though I had to work today.

My resolution? To physically survive to see 2010. Stay tuned to see how that goes.