Monday, January 5, 2009

2008: Year in Review.

2008: Year in Review.

2008 was definitely a great year for geekdom, and being an uber-geek, I flourished in it.

Firstly, I returned to EVE. I did a lot of research into what I did wrong during my first jaunt and vowed not to rush into stupid decisions. My goals were to find a group to Role-Play with, and to become proficient in PvP. I managed to join the famous Ushra'Khan alliance, and was placed into the corporation COGNet SpaceSystems Ltd. They turned out to be a very supporting group, but the RP was a little lacking, so I decided to write a multi-chapter story and see where that would take me.

I still have an Xbox 360, but my game library grew at a scary pace. I have games that I bought months ago that I haven't had more that 10 minutes with, triple-A titles though they may be. Games like Gears of War 2, Dead Space, Grand Theft Auto 4, Fable 2, Fallout 3 and more. I haven't gotten around to buying a PS3, but it's in the pipe for '09. My comp isn't where in needs to be hardware-wise for the EVE premium client graphics or for the newer PC games, but I'll get around to building a gaming rig at some point. I bought a netbook. Asus EeePC1001. Sweet little machine that navigates the series of tubes with ease.

I started a blog. I wanted a place to write about myself and publish any work I may write. Others have told me that I should have a separate blogs for separate subjects, but that won't be happening. This blog is about me, not EVE. EVE players may read it, but I'm not here to cater to them at my own expense. This isn't journalism. I've done journalism (a 40,000 copy weekly circulation and a national roundtable conference), and that's not my goal here. If you're interested and entertained by my blog, I thank you for your interest.

In comics, Marvel gave us a series of huge events that tied one into another and brought new life to old and new characters alike. DC gave me a reason (finally) to read Green Lantern, and I finally started to read indie comics like Atomic Robo. I met Matt Fraction and actually learned something. We lost Michael Turner to a long battle with bone cancer. We got some good movie adaptations, and some horrible ones.

In anime, things were a little light this year, which is probably a boon to my bank account. Gurren-Lagann showed us that nothing is impossible. Haruhi Susumiya showed if we think nothing odd is happening, we're not looking hard enough. In Japan the industry began a painful change away from cookie-cutter shows and physical formats.

I bought a new TV (LG Scarlet 37") and canceled my cable TV to cut costs. Most shows I'll just buy on DVD, but I'm still going to miss Battlestar Galactica. That said, I canceled the service 3 months ago and they have yet to actually disconnect it. Sweet.

Didn't go to the movie cinema much this year, though Dark Knight is now my all-time favorite Hollywood film. Too bad The Spirit flopped.

Didn't read many novels, though Empyrean Age was pretty good. I plan to start buying novels in bulk from Amazon.

I began listening to a lot more Epic Metal and Nerdcore rap. Alt rock is still pretty prevalent but getting indie stuff is a little tricky. No concerts. Maybe in '09.

I realized the local big convention (FanExpo) is not worth by time anymore, so the decision was made to try getting to PAX, NYCC, SDCC and EVE FanFest in the next few years.

I took a huge chunk out of my debt, and I hope to have a lot more financial freedom in '09 to actually further my career.

Politics and economies were... fucked almost everywhere in the world. Good thing Obama is in though...

Cheers to '09, and to you, good reader.



YoMma said...

Good summary of your year old bean!

I'm also hoping to get to EVE FanFest, hopefully this coming November - fingers crossed. Maybe I'll see you there? :P

All the best for 09!

PsycheDiver said...

Same to you friend!

Ahnog said...

I'm still skeptical of Obama...I hope he proves to be an improvement.