Monday, January 19, 2009

Not just my life in EVE anymore!

I am one persistent bastard sometimes.

The plan was I'd wait for her to finish Fable 2 before starting her up in EVE. She was happy with that plan. I had no intention of going along with that plan. I was subtle at times, puppy-eyed at others. I babied her on her day off and she gave in. Seeing an opening, I signed her up for a full year. At this point she knows I have her trapped, so she goes with the flow and starts up her first character.

She'd already done some basic reading on everything but pew-pew, and her worry ebbed and flowed. She started building her character, and the sweet sensation of capsuleer life took hold once she got to the portrait creator. She spent a good 40 minutes on it, and commented at how impressed she was and how much she looked forward to ambulation.

Aura. The tutorial of hell. Whining, "umms" and "meeps" abound. Never fear though, I was right there with her translating and explaining as best I could. In no time she was warping her first rat and mining her first units of veldspar. Once aura was done talking, I continued where she left off. I got her training skills training and logged her off, still explaining stuff. Logging into my account, I found her character and wired her 15mill. Enough for some skillbooks, a Burst and a set of +3 implants.

I continued to explain the basic nuances of EVE while she continued to mine. She mined the whole day. I could tell she enjoyed it.

11.5 hours later, and she was in her Burst mining with two basic mining lasers. He skills can't support anything else at this point. She seems very content to mine veld in her training system for a few months, and I've suggested that she get all her learning skills first thing while she shoots the pretty rocks. I suggested she join EVE University after that.

I told her that EVE can be cripplingly vast in scope unless you break down your goals. Hers are (in order from short-term to long-term):

- Get learning skills up (rank 1s to V, others to IV).
- Join EVE-Uni.
- Build skills to properly utilize Burst.
- Learn research.
- Get ORE (Covetor) and industrial ship (Mammoth).
- Build skills to properly utilize ORE ship.
- Learn how to manufacture.
- Find a good industrial corp.
- Look at Exhumers.

That should take her about a year. Obviously even the best-laid plans change and morph, but it's good to have a plan.

EVE definitely has it's hooks in her. I fully expect to find her mining dense veldspar when I get home. She's intent on proving to me she's worthy of the title "gamer" in all its obsessive glory. Playing EVE, the most hardcore of all videogames is a great start IMHO. She's named herself Howlynn. She used to always call herself Reivyn, but when I told her "Raven" was the 4th most used stripper name, it sort of ruined it for her. Since then she's been playing around with Reivanna. I told her to be 1337 you need to stick to a handle and not change it every three months. She knows, she tries.

The only problem is I can't get EVEMon to accept more than one API. I thought it was built to do that, but I can't seem to figure it out. A little help would be much appreciated.

Obviously I had little time to log in myself, but my drone skills continue to chug away and I took a look at our killboards. I was very worried when I heard about all the heat coming our way, but from what I'm seeing and hearing I think those fears were unfounded. I failed to take into account the huge discrepancy in skill between us and them.

Tomorrow will be a comics post. After reading over $130 worth, I would hope I have something to say. For now I leave you with the Blue Lantern's oath.

In fearful day,
in raging night.
With strong hearts full,
our souls ignite.

When all seems lost in the war of light,
Look to the stars,



JamesS said...

If she needs help getting into EVE-Uni I can help I'm a recruiter. If not tell her to introduce herself and I can get her in touch with people that do mining. Me I enjoy the pew pew said of things

PsycheDiver said...

Thanks a bunch! I'll definitely send her your way when she's ready to get involved.

Pretty sure she's following you on Twitter. Maybe you'd be so kind as to drop her a DM.

JamesS said...

No problem. I'll shoot her a DM in game I need to know her toons name, that you can just tweet it too me

Shirrath said...

By default, many browsers cache login details, so you might end up seeing the userid and API key to your account, not hers. Also, remember that you have enter both the userid and the API key into EvEMon. Her API key won't work with your userid.

From the EvEMon FAQ:
If you need to get API keys for more than one account but keep seeing the same API key then you need to ensure that you log out of the eve-online site completely by clicking the logout link on the left of the eve-o page, or going to the forums and clicking logout there - You MUST tick the "login as a different user" box. Once you have logged out, the next time you visit the API page you should be prompted for password and then see the api page.