Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 19.

I call it "Asset Consolidation". What it entails is warping around in the CSF Convoy through patches of low-sec to pick up the spoils from shopping sprees. This time it was hundreds of thousands of rounds of large projectile ammo of every kind, and that good Drake BPC I won.

It's funny watching local and seeing pirates be pissed that I repeatedly slipping away from them, thanks to my "Repose" Core Compensation module. They are obviously not of the same calibre of pirate as the Hellcats.

When I mentioned to Roc I had a BPC, he must have heard BPO, because he told me I could sell it for 300-400mill. That dream came to a crashing halt last night as I actually looked into it. After checking with my corp and doing a little research of my own, I sold it to my corp for 5mill. It may have been a small amount, but I have none of the necessary skills to effectively utilize a BPC, and the corp can use it for the war effort.

Scout Drone Op V finished last night and I'm currently juggling some other drone support skills with Large Projectile Turret IV.

My Maelstrom setup seems to have gotten the attention of a few in my corp and alliance, who like how it's performing and wish to see more. I'm gonna post it on the alliance forum and BattleClinic this weekend.

Tonight's plan is to meet up with the famous CrazyKinux, who's in Toronto. We just missed each other Monday night, and I'm not sure if I can get Roc out again on a Wednesday, as he's a very busy guy. It's all being arranged over Twitter, so I hope it works out before he has to head back to Montreal.

EVE News Network's grand reopening is scheduled for today. Right now I'm getting a 403 error, but it should be up sometime today. I'll update this post with a link to my first piece for them when it's up. The first of many.



Kirith Kodachi said...

LOL @ BPO vs BPC confusion. No wonder you were so happy! :)

Re: ENN - I thought I saw SeriouslySally on Twitter last night say that ENN was not continueing in 2009?

PsycheDiver said...

She was referring to Titan Weekly. File it under Asset Consolidation. lolz.

I'm still happy I could get a sweet 5mill and help my corp and alliance. I really hope I didn't come off as ungrateful! *bows*

Tony said...

"I know something that you don't! Hehehehe!"

...Oh man, my brain can be sooo immature sometimes.


PsycheDiver said...

You scare me sometimes, you know that?