Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 15.

Skill update time!

Corporation Management:
Corporation Management Rank 1

Amarr Drone Specialization Rank 1
Caldari Drone Specialization Rank 1
Combat Drone Operation Rank 3
Drone Durability Rank 2
Drone Interfacing Rank 2
Drone Navigation Rank 3
Drone Sharpshooting Rank 3
Drones Rank 5
Gallente Drone Specialization Rank 1
Heavy Drone Operation Rank 1
Minmatar Drone Specialization Rank 1
Scout Drone Operation Rank 3

Cloaking Rank 1
Electronic Warfare Rank 2
Electronics Rank 5
Electronics Upgrades Rank 2
Frequency Modulation Rank 2
Long Range Targeting Rank 3
Propulsion Jamming Rank 3
Sensor Linking Rank 1
Signature Analysis Rank 3
Survey Rank 2
Target Painting Rank 2
Targeting Rank 4
Weapon Disruption Rank 2

EM Shield Compensation Rank 2
Energy Emission Systems Rank 3
Energy Grid Upgrades Rank 3
Energy Management Rank 4
Energy Systems Operation Rank 5
Engineering Rank 5
Explosive Shield Compensation Rank 2
Kinetic Shield Compensation Rank 2
Shield Compensation Rank 4
Shield Emission Systems Rank 2
Shield Management Rank 4
Shield Operation Rank 4
Shield Upgrades Rank 3
Tactical Shield Manipulation Rank 3
Thermic Shield Compensation Rank 2

Advanced Weapon Upgrades Rank 2
Controlled Bursts Rank 1
Gunnery Rank 5
Large Projectile Turret Rank 3
Medium Artillery Specialization Rank 2
Medium Autocannon Specialization Rank 3
Medium Projectile Turret Rank 5
Motion Prediction Rank 5
Rapid Firing Rank 4
Sharpshooter Rank 4
Small Artillery Specialization Rank 4
Small Autocannon Specialization Rank 4
Small Hybrid Turret Rank 2
Small Projectile Turret Rank 5
Surgical Strike Rank 3
Trajectory Analysis Rank 4
Weapon Upgrades Rank 5

Mining Rank 1

Armoured Warfare Rank 1
Information Warfare Rank 1
Leadership Rank 1
Siege Warfare Rank 1
Skirmish Warfare Rank 1


Analytical Mind Rank 5
Clarity Rank 4
Eidetic Memory Rank 4
Empathy Rank 5
Focus Rank 4
Instant Recall Rank 5
Iron Will Rank 5
Learning Rank 5
Logic Rank 4
Presence Rank 4
Spatial Awareness Rank 5

Armour Rigging Rank 2
Drones Rigging Rank 1
EM Armour Compensation Rank 2
Explosive Armour Compensation Rank 3
Hull Upgrades Rank 5
Jury Rigging Rank 3
Kinetic Armour Compensation Rank 3
Launcher Rigging Rank 1
Mechanic Rank 5
Projectile Weapon Rigging Rank 1
Remote Armour Repair Systems Rank 2
Repair Systems Rank 5
Shield Rigging Rank 1
Thermic Armour Compensation Rank 3

Missile Launcher Operation:
Heavy Assault Missiles Rank 2
Heavy Missiles Rank 4
Missile Bombardment Rank 3
Missile Launcher Operation Rank 4
Rapid Launch Rank 3
Rockets Rank 3
Standard Missiles Rank 3
Target Navigation Prediction Rank 3
Warhead Upgrades Rank 4

Acceleration Control Rank 4
Afterburner Rank 4
Evasive Maneuvering Rank 4
Fuel Conservation Rank 4
High Speed Maneuvering Rank 3
Navigation Rank 5
Warp Drive Operation Rank 4

Astrometrics Rank 2
Biology Rank 2
Cybernetics Rank 4
Infomorph Psychology Rank 2
Science Rank 3
Signal Acquisition Rank 1

Connections Rank 4
Criminal Connections Rank 1
Diplomacy Rank 2
Fast Talk Rank 2
Negotiation Rank 3
Social Rank 4

Spaceship Command:
Assault Ships Rank 1
Battlecruisers Rank 4
Caldari Frigate Rank 2
Destroyers Rank 1
Gallente Frigate Rank 3
Minmatar Battleship Rank 4
Minmatar Cruiser Rank 4
Minmatar Frigate Rank 4
Minmatar Industial Rank 4
Spaceship Command Rank 5

Trade Rank 2

Skillbooks Pending Training:
Astrometric Triangulation
Electronic Attack Ships
Guided Missile Precision
Heavy Missile Specialization
Long Distance Jamming
Covert Ops
Astrometric Pinpointing
Rocket Specialization
Heavy Assault Ships
Heavy Assault Missile Specialization
Standard Missile Specialization

As you can see I still have not gotten around to working on my drones, though now that I've got the CSF Hozukimaru cap-tested it's next on the list. Right now I'm training Energy Grid Upgrades to IV so I can install 2 T2 Power Diagnostic Systems. A combat shakedown should be conducted over the weekend.

It's funny. I'm feeling this nervousness about taking her into combat. I have the same sensation every time I fly a new ship, especially if it's a new class. Is that common?

As for the CSF Haruko, I've got to not only get my armour repper online (grid issue I think. I can't remember and I don't want to clone jump again until the weekend since my nullsec clone does not have any implants) but I also need to get my rocket and tacking skills up a few more notches.

As usual, suggestions are welcome. I'll post another update in a few weeks.



Kirith Kodachi said...

The more expensive the ship, the more my heart beats when I jump or undock.

PsycheDiver said...

It's not just about expense for me. I tend more and more to forge an emotional connection with me ships. They're like beloved pets to me. I want to treat them right through skills and skillful piloting. That's why I go through the trouble to name them.

Myrhial Arkenath said...

Test-running ships on SiSi is always a good idea to get a bit of a feel for flying them. I've undocked some more expensive ships for which I did have the skills trained to level IV's and V's and lost them due to stupid rookie mistakes.

PsycheDiver said...

Never been on SiSi. How does it work? does your character copy over?