Monday, January 12, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 18.

Not much this weekend in actual play, but that doesn't mean I haven't moved forward.

YoMma has unveiled the next phase of his EVE-Fiction/World Domination project. The EVE-Fiction Blog Pack!

The EVE Fiction Pack

Life in Low Sec - Mynxee

Roc’s Ramblings - Roc Wieler

Sweet Little Bad Girl - Shae Tiann

A Mule in EVE - Manasi

Diving into PsycheDiver’s Psyche - PsycheDiver (ME!)

Diary of a Pod Pilot - Myrhial Arkenath

I May Find Peace Within the Emptiness… - YoMma

Ombeve - Ombey

Other than writing the fiction, my part of my this project also entails the podcast. YoMma contacted me about it before he went public with his plans, and I'm very happy to interweave my podcast project into his overall plan. Since the Pack went live I've been doing some research about software to use and voice talent to tap. I'll keep you apprised.

Sometimes I get a little worried for CCP and their complete immersion projects. The community is just doing this stuff without them and I hope that CCP's product has enough pull to get us to use it. Go to the official EVE site and find the World Domination video from Fanfest '08 to learn about their plans.

Ran some lvl.4 missions late Saturday night with Tito and Zedd. Zedd's an old member of COGnet who's recently returned from an EVE hiatus. If fact, we've gotten a good number of returning players back into the corp and they're surprisingly active. A far cry from the deadness of the last few months. The U'K really doesn't operate on a corp-by-corp basis, but it's nice to have an active corp channel for once.

I've suggested the U'K may operate better if it were consolidated as a single corp. Not a popular sentiment at the moment. I guess there's too much ego on the line.

Anyways, the missions were to further test my turrets and tank, of which I've tweaked a little. Once I'm done the upgrading to higher meta modules I'll post it on BattleClinic and see what people think. I'm happy with the tank so far as I was able to do quite well with a lot of punishment and mediocre skills. My DPS skills are something I'll have to look at soon though. Used the profit to buy enough ammo for the next few months of missioning. Gonna break out the CSF Convoy to pick all of it up Tuesday night.

Tuesday night also marks the point at which I can finally use T2 scout drones. Once I get the other drone support skills up more I'll be buying some and combat-testing different groupings. With a drone bay of only 100m3 my options are a tad limited, but drones are essential to my anti-frigate (and to some extent anti-cruiser) strategy.

Kirith Kodachi celebrated a blogging milestone recently, and to mark the occasion he held a single-number lottery for readers. I chose 42 (according to the Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, is the answer to everything) and won a "Max Run Drake Battlecruiser BPC (With decent ME)". From what I can gather, a BPC is a Blueprint Copy, and I have no idea what a "ME" is. That said, it sounds expensive and I could really use the iskies. I'll first see if anyone in the alliance wants it, and if not I'll go on the open market with it. Thanks to Kirith! I really love his writing fictional starship write-ups.

FINALLY got the wife to agree to play EVE. After she's done with Fable 2 (which really has her attention ATM) we'll be starting up a new account for her and transferring my alt Howlynn to her. She'll be mining/refining/manufacturing, but I've also told her about invention and exploration.

Right now she has no interest in pew-pew (though she finds that term oh-so-cute, along with "iskies" and "yarr"), but that could change in the future. My job right now is to help her climb the learning cliff, send her some cash to start up quickly and find her a good corp/mentor.

Meanwhile we've decided to build a computer together for the first time (fuck Dell), and we're aiming to have a killer machine dual-booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu by the fall.

Tonight I meet Roc in RL for some wings, beer, convo and general good times. If he's cool with it I may even snap a pic with my phone and post it here.

Tomorrow should be the next installment of Prano's Journey (depicting tonight's meet in EVE terms), which I'll do more frequently. I've gotten some good feedback about my writing from a few talents in the EVE blogosphere, and hopefully I'll continue to grow as a fiction writer. My training in the past was journalistic in nature, so it's a departure. Last Son of Prano was a learning experience, and I'll go over what I learned from it on a future post.

Today and tomorrow I'm also writing something that (hopefully) may find its way on to ENN. I'm trying to get a little outside my comfort zone and pull you out of yours with it. I don't think a story like this has been told in EVE yet.

Hoping my copy of EON #14 is at home waiting for me.



Kirith Kodachi said...

Any post that mentions me is automatically given 5 stars out of 5.

*thumbs up*

PsycheDiver said...

How could I not mention someone who rocks as hard as you!

Mynxee said...

Based on my experience, corp merging is very difficult to handle to everyone's satisfaction. Egos aside, asset consolidation and related issues are a pain.

Have fun with Roc this evening; I'm looking forward to your fictional account of that meeting.

*grudgingly admits that KK rocks*

PsycheDiver said...

That's the funny thing. All our logistics are already consolidated. The change involved would be so minimal that some may not even notice. It's just a lot of paperwork.

That being the case, my speaking on the subject is almost a moot point. *shrugs*

YoMma said...

Keep up the good work PD :)

Used to find merging guilds on WoW difficult enough, I imagine it would be much more...."messy" on EVE...

Tony said...

But hey, if you guys did consolidate everything into a corp, then there would be no Alliance Tourney for your team!

And oh ya, don't complain about a 100m3 drone bay on your BS; Kirith must have skipped that little part, because he would be breathing down your neck about the 50m3 he only gets on his Rokhs.

Just joking KK :D

PsycheDiver said...

@YoMma - Good work? Where? I don't see any.

@Tony - Oh I'm well-aware that a 100m3 bay is a tiny bit above average. All the more reason to utilize it effectively. Good point about the tourney though. From all indications we're gonna do well.