Thursday, January 8, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 16.

First an announcement, then some combat, and finally a mystery!

My good friend YoMma has unveiled his master plan for the total domination of all EVE fiction! I trust he will be a benevolent ruler and look forward to being one of his trusted lieutenants. This is going to be big, and my part (other than supplying him with grade A fiction) will be to tie in my podcast to his project. Needless to say we're both very jazzed about all this. It's gonna be an interesting year.

/me cackles wildly.

Anywho! Didn't plan on it, but I ended up undocking the Hozukimaru and making an 11 jump trip to Hakeri to meet up with Tito for a lvl.4 mission. Tito's come back to Empire to make some iskies to supply the war effort.

I undocked my incomplete Maelstrom for several reasons:

- I haven't made a real profit in over a week.
- I needed to test my arties, which I've never used.
- I needed to test my tanking under fire conditions.
- Fun times with the friends and all the pew-pew.

I'm not sure what mission it way, but it dealt with a pleasure and a lot of Mercenary Battleships. Tito brought his Domi and warped in first to draw some aggro. I followed and began learning about arty combat as quickly as possible. Sniping is fun but it's a little difficult when the top speed of your ship is 117m/s. I was firing 8x1400MM meta 0s and hitting with 1500+ damage with 2xgyro IIs backing them up. Would a third be a waste? I need to go back to BattleClinic and try to gleam some answers.

I was getting my sense of ranges when Tito said he had to warp out because his tanking wasn't set up properly. Fighting mercs can be tricky. So suddenly I have 8 Sentinels bearing down on me annd I'm firing back while having my tank tested for the first time. Took Tito a while to get back, but he seemed very impressed by how my shields and cap held out. Mind you I still have yet to install my 2xPower Diagnostic System IIs, so it should improve a little.

The last thing I need to test is my drones. This will be done when I get their skills up and I buy some T2 drones off the market. All-in-all the Hozukimaru held up nicely.

Now, a mystery!

Tito suggested I switch to 1200MM arties for better tracking, but just before I logged off I compared what I was running now (1400MM meta 0 arties) to their 1200MM meta 4 counterparts (Scouts), and their tracking numbers were the same. Go into the market and compare the numbers yourself, but it doesn't seem right. Should I notify CCP about this? I need to figure this out soon. Help!



YoMma said...

Thanks for the linkage :)

It's going to be a tough, yet awesomely fun ride :)

Seatbelt is on, and I have some refreshments! Lets go!

Kirith Kodachi said...

According to Eve Mon, the sacred source of info, 1200mm Heavy 'Scout' Artillery have a tracking of 0.01125 rad/sec while 1400mm Howizter Artillery I has a tracking base of 0.009 rad/sec.

Furthermore, all 1200mm have the same tracking, and all 1400mm have the same tracking. Your friend is right, smaller bore weapons have better tracking.

PsycheDiver said...

So the client info is wrong for some reason...

Someone please go onto the client and double-check. I swear I saw what I saw.

I guess I'll be buying some Scouts!

Kirith Kodachi said...

The client has been known to do some unauthorized rounding in the past I have found. Could be a result of that.

I highly reccommend EFT for ship and setup comparisions.

PsycheDiver said...

I'll have to re-download and reinstall it.

TBPH the EFT's UI is not the kindest thing in the world.

Kirith Kodachi said...

I don't mind it and its a hell of a lot better than pencil, paper, calculator, and guesses ;)

PsycheDiver said...

True enough.

Tony said...

LOL yea I agree with you guys; Kirith is right about the Arties and PD is right about the UI.