Friday, January 9, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 17.

Damn you EFT, why do you have to give me options?

Energy Grid IV finished last night and now I'm working on Scout Drone Operation so I can fly T2 light drones, but while I was waiting I got reacquainted with the EVE Fitting Tool. Before the skill finished, I'd gone from sure about my module choices to having three options.

The CSF Hozukimaru (Maelstrom) is set like this:

8x 1200MM Artillery Turrets.
2x Large Shield Extenders
2x Shield Hardeners
1x Large Shield Booster
1x Shield Recharger
2x Gyros
1x Damage Control
3x Capacitor Control Circuits

Here's the dilemma. That leaves two low slots open. The plan was to throw in two Power Diagnostic Systems, giving me a very solid tank and a capacitor that EFT says will hold out for 36 minutes. Now I'm asking myself if that's too much. Am I under-utilizing my arties? I want one PDS in there (which gives me 12 minutes of cap time) but what could I use that last low for? Tracking Enchancer? Another Gyro?

I'm seeing a lot of the best-voted Maelstroms on BattleClinic running 3 or more Gyros.

Then I started thinking about switching the recharger for a shield boost amp.

First Option.

Second Option.

I'm really at a loss and actually lost some sleep over this last night. Need help!



Kirith Kodachi said...

I personally hold that you either active tank or passive tank; mixing doesn't give you as much bang for the buck. I'd definitely swap the recharger for the shield boost amplifier, especially when dealing with battleship type recharge rates.

As for the last low slot, three damage mods is the sweet spot in terms of bonus versus stacking, but if you are having any tracking issues I'd go with the tracking enhancer. try both and see what you like more.

PsycheDiver said...

I tested her with 1400MMs and I don't think I had tracking issues.

Tony said...

I must definately agree with Kirith. A passive system + an active system = fail (no offence or anything ;))

I would strongly suggest that you go with a modified version of your setup to boost it's good shit!

8x 1200MM Artillery Turrets.
3x Shield Hardeners
1x X-Large Shield Booster
1x Shield Boost Amplifier
1x Cap Recharger
3x Gyros
1x Capacitor Flux Coil
1x Damage Control
3x Capacitor Control Circuits

1 - Three shield hardeners will allow you to have a much higher resist, letting you pulse the booster less, and it will be much more forgiving.

2 - A small SB is good for up to destroyers, a medium SB is good up to cruisers, a large is up to a battlecruiser, and an x-large is good for BS.

3 - The SBA will allow you much better gain from your booster if you are planning to pulse it.

4 - This will compensate (somewhat) for the x-large booster. Shield recharger are not worth it. You can replace the SBA with another cap recharger if you want more cap.

5 - More gyros for killing the BS'es.

6 - A CFC will serve with keeping cap steady.

As you see, in missions, cap is the name of the game. Otherwise, looks great!

PsycheDiver said...

I'll run it through EFT and take a look.

PsycheDiver said...

Ran it through EFT.

While I get about 300 better reinforced defence efficiency, the 2 minute cap makes me a little too uncomfortable.

I'll hang onto the setup and see if my skills in the future help it out.

Tony said...

Well one thing I will tell you off the bat is that with only a large shield booster your tank won't hold in most solo level 4 missions.

With an extra large, just pulse it when your shield drop down to 75%, trying to keep your cap at 50%.