Friday, January 23, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 20.

Me? Mine? *shrugs*

Since there's very little I can do without certain skills that I'm working on currently, I've got little reason to log in. I could use my JC and join my brothers in nullsec, but that would seriously slow down my much-needed training. If I were on for a weekend, it would be a different story. Instead, I've been doing some writing, some reading (trying to read all the chronicles) and helping the wife get her space mojo.

She worked late last night, and I was looking for something mindless to do between projects, so I decided to log on to her account and mine for her. Dense Veldspar and Scordite gets mined pretty quickly and it's the most profitable in the system (which she doesn't want to leave yet). A little skill management on the side and she seemed pleased when she got home.

She saw a Hulk in action. I think I saw her drool a little.

We'll be at the passport office for quite a while later today, so I'm going to get her to read some guides I found on mining. I'm reading up as well so I can help her out whenever she needs me to. She's been great in training my skills when I'm not home, so keeping up with her industrial needs is the very least I can do.

Reason for getting passports? We're going to the New York Comic-Con! The wife and I weren't supposed to have a vacation this year, but since Barry is driving it's actually affordable for us to go. Barry knows some chefs in town and loves it there, so he's gonna show us around. Kurtis may come as well, as he has family there and could really use a vacation himself. I'll blog and tweet from the NYCC whenever I can find a connection.

I want to get a lot of EVE-related writing done this weekend. I have some good ideas in my head and I need them digital before porn or something pushes them out. Hopefully I'll find time to log in as well.



Nick Macedo said...

I always find ratting to be a good use of a few minutes here and there. Bounties, loot and sec status aren't too shabby in a .5 or below.

PsycheDiver said...

I would, but my Maelstrom can't handle lvl.4 missions solo... yet.

Solo ratting isn't as fun as a few friends getting a system-wide rat farm going.

Also, brownie points with the wife for some AFK mining? No-brainer.