Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 14.

Prep is the name of the game right now.

I threw together a tackling Rifter and sent it with my Jump Clone down to Utopia. My corp exec was kind enough to scout the last few jumps for me, and give me a hand with some TeamSpeak and Vent troubleshooting. Prep in this case right now means getting Minmatar Frigate to V and working on my tacking-related skills, which are more than a little lacking. I've named my Rifter the CSF Haruko (FLCL reference). Every ship with a Rifter hull will be named that in sequence.

One thing nobody told me was that there's a 24-hour timer between clone jumps. Is there a skill that can reduce that time?

Empire-side, I made use of the CSF Convoy (Mammoth) to move myself from Abudban to Frarn. Seems like just yesterday I moved from Frarn to Abudban. Frarn has a lv.4 Brutor Tribe Security agent. There's a better one in Amamake but I've been strongly advised to avoid that system for missions. Too many of the Ushra'Khan's enemies roam that area.

The CSF Hōzukimaru (Maelstrom, name means Demon Light) took its maiden voyage and I ran a cap test before redocking. I'm rather pleased with how long my cap held out for an active shield tank, and I have yet to install my Power Diagnostic Systems. It's the first time I've used rigs (3 T1 cap rigs) and I think it was a good investment. Once I've run a few missions and had the opportunity to upgrade the meta of a few modules, I'll post the setup here and maybe on BattleClinic. The only reason I'm not running missions with it yet is I want to get my engineering and drones skills up a little more.

Last night I plugged in a full set of +4 implants into my empire clone. I feel tingly and smrt.

Called Roc last night to set up the meeting (got him during dinner... sorry Roc) and set it for next Monday. Hooking up at my favorite store in the world and from there we'll probably head to the St.Louis at the Atrium on Bay. The food there sucks but the wings are what you may call epically decent, meaning there's a solid set of wings and sauces but nothing special. Beer selection is a little above standard.

I gotta ask him if I can buy his CD off him directly. I'll give him a better deal that CafePress is per unit, I'll buy a few copies and give them to some friends. Hopefully that's cool with him.

The poll closed a few days ago. Big thanx and hugz to everyone who voted. It was a tie between "Stories from New Eden" and "Voices from The Void". I'll count them both as winning and make the final decision along with contributors when we finally get around to making this thing. Gotta think of a new poll. Suggestions?

YoMma contact me yesterday about his "plans". This is going to shake the EVE writing community to its core and ripple through the foreseeable future, so stay tuned.



Tony said...

Ayo, too bad you didn't know about the timer. There is no skill to reduce that sorry. It's a pain!

I believe it's worth it 99% of the time for me to rig any ship battlecruiser or larger, or any T2 cruiser or larger. They boost the ship by so much more!

Good luck with any future plans buddy!

YoMma said...

You sly devil! Hehehe, I see your little mention about my dastardly schemes! :P