Monday, November 17, 2008

Back by popular demand!

Someone actually liked my gallery a few weeks ago, and I promised more of the same. It seems like I'm going for a Highlander deal, but I was aiming for Agent 47. I took these 2 years ago as me and the wife were heading out to my parents' 25 year anniversary. Everything was in the middle of the room because we were painting and I was messing around with my sword and toy gun. I asked Alicia to take some pics and we really liked how they came out.


That's all of them, along with the ones I posted in the previous gallery. Let me know which ones you like, don't like, and why (Here's that question thing Mynxee told me to include to get more comments). If your suggestions give me the urge, I'll do more.

Also posting my first poll. Not exactly timely or anything, but it's a start.

I'm also going to try adding more links into my blog. Hopefully those I'm linking to will reciprocate.

The page will be undergoing a revamp this week, assuming the wife gets around to it. Not sure how it will look, but I'm expecting something close to the new Nero colour theme off EVE, and a cool banner. I could not do an EVE theme, but that opens up a whole mess of choices that I'd rather not have to deal with yet, considering all the anime I watch and comics I read. Perhaps later on I'll do something different. Perhaps there's a way to have a few preset themes I can switch between. If I can work that I may be able to work in seasonal stuff...

Thanks to CK's Speedlinking, I found out I had a link via! I wish I had my view counter up to see what that did for my numbers.

Woke up sick. I'll just have to sweat it out tonight.

Awesome fictional-tech article here. I love this sort of thing.

I'm really enjoying Horde on Gears 2. My problem is that Live is still struggling with it. I think I found out how to get my Golden Lancer to work. We'll see if a fix Kurtis told me about works tonight. In other games, I'm taking a little break from Dead Space to stretch out the awesome story experience and I'll get around the Ninja Gaiden 2 at some point. Major steps forward made with learning skill training this weekend. Empathy V should be done Friday morning, then all I have left is to train Presence II-IV.

I wish there was a way to easily track how much isk you pay in taxes via your wallet. I would think that would be an easy little add-on.

Tomorrow's the next chapter of last Son of Prano. Hope everyone is enjoying it. I wasn't able to work on the final chapter last weekend, but I did get some critical info and feedback at the meet.



Sarah Barah said...

I love the ones with the gun. I think 10 and 11 are my faves, though. Nice job, you two!

PsycheDiver said...

Thank you!

I'll see if I can do some more gun pics, though it'll be difficult to NOT look like I'm about to go postal IRL.

Maybe I can photoshop myself into some shooter game pics...