Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wave 50 and bringing sound to the EVE void.

Found quite a few good Gears 2 players online in my friends list so I joined them in horde. They brought me into a private match and we started from wave 47 and ended up beating 50. This was a big moment for me, not because I got the achievement (because I didn't) but it made me think that the players showing off on YouTube are mostly posers.

Going into my unlocked waves, I noticed 47-50 were unlocked but 35-46 were not. The reason being that I have not beaten those waves yet. I intend to soon though. I could post a vid online showing me beating wave 50, but I was able to just because a friend of mine had it unlocked an passed it on to his friends. Wave 50 disseminated in this fashion quite quickly, I'd imagine. Want to spot them, when a vid states its difficulty level, it's phony. Any Gear worth his ammo knows Horde from wave 1 sets its own difficulty levels from casual to insane.

When Dude Huge openly challenged players to beat all 50 waves of Horde, he could not have meant for it to be done in this fashion.

Want to show your worth? Post a vid of you beating ALL 50 WAVES IN A ROW. If I had my comp hooked up to my TV I'd do it myself, recording every time I played just in case. Maybe that's something I need to look into.

The quest continues...

EVE breeds bloggers, and EVE bloggers breeds fanfiction writers. It's a harsh gauntlet to conquer, much like the agoge of ancient Sparda. We comprise as a group - arguably - the best fanfiction writers the world has to offer. We are so skilled that our work is prominently displayed both electronically and in print. The EVE player however, is a fickle creature, often making its nest out of veldspar and frozen corpses. They often do not have the time to enjoy the richer literary entries, and because of that the writer often withers and dies due to malnutrition, its foodstuffs being that of critical and vital feedback. On the other hand, engaging sound in space is rare thing for a capsuleer, and it's in this niche that the writer may yet thrive.

To this effect, I've decided to look into creating a podcast. In effect taking EVE fanfictions and making them into audio dramas, much like what you can still find on the radio here on Terra. I will need equipment (both hardware and software), a small staff for a necessary variety of voicework. and time. I think the best way to go about it is to wait for the latest interconnectivity initiatives to take hold, as a central forum from which to base operations and procure works is critical. EVE-Bloggers would be perfect, if it ever gets off the ground.

I'm not saying I'm going to do this tomorrow or even next month. It will be something I'm planning for during the next 6 months at least. If you have any interest in helping me in this noble and challenging endeavor, drop me an e-mail explaining what you want to help with, why you want to help (remember fame and fortune may await you) and your qualifications (if any).

If you're wondering what my qualifications are, I have radio and voicework training via Humber College and high school drama, as well as audio directing and editing experience. I have passion for the written word and the spoken word. I have a growing desire to be a voice in the dark, like CK and YoMma and the other podcasters, but I want to bring something unique to the table from which we all gorge ourselves. One voice to represent the writing community and lead them into the spotlight.



Mynxee said...

As I said when I suggested this idea originally, I wish I had the free time to help it become a reality. But I might be able to help out with some of narration if you get this project going. I have many years' experience developing digital courseware, often recording voiceovers myself for the courses I've created.

PsycheDiver said...

OK. You're definitely in. Obviously won't saddle you with both voicework and production, so whichever you want to put your hands in would be fine.

You may be the only female voice we can tap at the moment so recording may be a little more necessary, depending on the project.

Could you send me a voice sample if you have one handy?

If you, CK and I pulled together, we could actually get this thing rolling easily. Of course there's room for a larger team to spread out the work.

Mynxee said...

There's one here on my Pi Curious blog post, although admittedly not very polished. I also recorded a tip on using the Compare feature that I sent to CK for use in the Drone Bay. It's on my other computer, I gotta find it and will post a link when I upload it somewhere.

I would only be interested in doing narration, not over-all production; don't have time for much else. Shae Tiann and some of the other Hellcats, plus LurbyJo would likely be happy to do narration. I have quite a few contacts for women in-game who might be interested if that doesn't provide sufficient variety.

PsycheDiver said...

Wow. If the Hellcats chipped in our female troubles would be over! (Pun intended) LurbyJo would be a great asset as well.

Narration it is then. Listening to your poem reading, it seems to me you'd be perfect for it.