Monday, November 3, 2008

Not a good weekend.

So last Friday was my family's Halloween fund-raising event, "Scare for A Cure". It didn't go as well as it should have.

Oh sure we got a LOT more people then last year (the line-up to get in went halfway down the block) but we got a LOT less donations (last year was about $5000, this year was $2000). Add on to that plenty of punks who didn't want to follow the rules (like don't assault the volunteers) and plenty of injuries to our crew.

My wife managed to fall down some stairs just before we got started and didn't tell anyone how bad it was. Turns out she was walking on a really bad sprain for 4 hours straight and as a result she's pretty much immobile ATM. I'm proud that she's soldier through but I'm angry that she didn't at least put a tensor band on it or at least tell someone. I'm still pretty beat up myself. It was rather warm and I was wearing a lot of fur so I was boiling. Add on to that running around hunched over for that long (I was a pretty good werewolf) and I've really messed up my back, abs and legs. Everyone's still healing to some degree. I'm so beat up it was hard for me to sit at my comp for long periods, which meant EVE was not a real option this weekend.

I guess I have to understand why there's so much less money this year, considering the market, but I still think people were being extremely cheap. It's a pretty well-off neighborhood. I think next year we should charge a dollar a body. Many kids were going through 5-6 times and didn't donate a penny. We don't even reimburse ourselves for equipment, food, etc...

So yeah, I'm sour about it. I will be for a few days, and I have that right. I won't blog about it though. I'll save you the agony.

EVE-wise, I've decided to move myself to Abudban in a few weeks for a much better agent. Considering it took me a few days to move everything with my cane I'll wait until I can get an industrial running (which is why I need to wait a few weeks). I may be going mostly AFK from EVE for a while. Gears of War 2 is coming out this Friday and I'm looking to start a ranked team. I know some people who can potentially play at a semi-pro level and it would be cool to test our mettle. I'll try and jump on occasionally and obviously skill-training remains a priority.

I tried the Mirror's Edge demo last night and was very impressed. I've been following the game's development for a while and have been anxious to see the art-style and parkour simulation for myself. It's simple yet challenging, and looks wonderful. Controls are fluid and you really don't have to fight with the scheme. There's a good chance I'll pick it up.

I also tried Naruto: The broken Bond and Tomb Raider: Underworld, but was less impressed. Naruto is fun but the controls seem sluggish, plus I'm waiting for a game that focuses on events later in the story. One good thing is that they included the Japanese voice work. Not a huge fan of the TR series though, and there was nothing here to impress me. Rather play Price of Persia.

Looking forward to the New Xbox Experience. Hopefully all the points I've spent on pics and themes will transfer properly.


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