Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Halloween!

...and I feel dead.

The wife spent the night at my parents' place to help set up. I'm heading over after work. It's got a good chance at being a 21-hour day with mental and physical exhaustion in spades. I'm not hanging around on the weekend to clean up. Everyone else has the option of moving their schedule around for this. Not me.

Spent the night playing Penny Arcade ep.2. I'm actually almost done, but this boss-fight is a little tricky. Gonna finish my first play-through and play some EVE on the weekend. If I catch a brainstorm I'll write.

Well, wish us luck. If you're at all able to come by the event, it's @ 1 Plover Hieghts, Woodbridge, Ontario. It's starts @ 1900 local. I'll be the warewolf.


/me howls

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