Friday, October 17, 2008

Comic Impressions - It's good to be home.

I really enjoy going to One Million Comix. I imagine it's what drinkers feel like when they go to a bar where "Everybody knows your name...". I walked in and took a good 40 minutes saying high to all the staff and regulars, catching up on lives and tribulations. Only after that did I set to my epic purchasing quest.

$95 (nicely discounted) in comics later, I hung around for another 2-3 hours chatting it up about the business, family, politics, entertainment news and a few other things.

Million ( is THE place to go for comics, anime and everything in between. The owners have managed to diversify and cut out so many middlemen that they'll not only be able to weather the current financial turmoil spreading over the globe, but after it's all over in 5-6 years, they'll be by far the biggest game in town. It's a very friendly environment and they do a great job of taking care of regulars.

It's family owned and run. The Giancoulas clan are a good bunch of Greeks. Costos is the frontman and works his ass off working the front, schmoozing with customers and potential business associates. Chris is the big guy in the back who works mostly with the finances and does most of the road-work, going to conventions in the states and making contacts. Alex is their younger brother and does all the gopher work. Their dad (who everyone just calls "Greek" because his real name is very hard to say) sits in the back and does menial tasks that keep the business running smooth. Good guys all.

I managed to get home with just enough time to change a skill on EvE, eat some Thanksgiving leftovers and read about a third of the comics I bought before I had to hit the sack.

I've decided that instead of "reviewing" comics on a weekly and individual basis, I'll just give general impressions on what I'm reading and hand out a few cheers and jeers (don't know if or how I'll organize them). If you've gone back to my IGN blog and want me to bring back that format, I'll be happy to oblige. If I get through my comics tonight I'll try this new pseudo-format tomorrow.


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