Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My life in Eve - Part 3

I managed to make the 30-jump journey back to Hakeri thanks to some scouting by Jayseven. I dumped everything I had in CL into the corp hanger, including a few ships and plenty of ammo and modules. I flew a stripped Rifter back, though I should have just found myself a shuttle and left the Rifter. As soon as I got back to Hak I started going over what skills I needed to purchase and went on a small spending spree, which will continue tonight. I plan to hold onto 100 million in savings and not spend it on anything from now on unless it's unavoidable. That means at present I have about 35 million in "investment funds" (I tried to find the right financial term for that but I came up dry).

My directives now are to bust my ass on missions to make as much standings and isk as possible, while being very diligent about my skill training. I'm not sure how long it will be until I can send a jump clone back to CL, but I'll do my best to make it as soon as possible. Hopefully my new +2 implants will help speed me along.

My blog was mentioned on MicroWarpCast ep.2 and I couldn't be happier to be part of such a great community. CrazyKinux said "...another good site." which is a pretty good endorsement from such a well-respected blogger. His blog, as well as MWC are pretty awesome, in fact it's probably my favorite podcast, due to the entertaining banter and commentary.

After listening to it, it occurs to me that people don't really know what my handle means. 'Psyche' (most people forget to pronounce the "e", making it seem like I'm a prankster) represents a person's persona. 'Diver' is going to take a little explaining, as I derived it from some unique sources. The reason people say "web-surfing" is because the Internet is a vast ocean of information, and the word 'surfing' entails skimming along its surface at high-speed and having fun. 'Diving' in that same context is coined often in cyberpunk works as removing the safety of the 'board' (which could represent yourself, your computer or both) and fully immersing yourself on pure information. Anime like 'Ghost in The Shell' or 'Serial Experiments Lain' are good examples of this that would offer a gateway into the world of cyberpunk. 'PsycheDiver' not only refers to my interests in cyberpunk and transhumanism, but also my latent empathic/telepathic abilities, as well as my interest in psychology, mysticism and many other "fringe" fields. I'll talk about those other topics on occasion.

I posted my 8th chapter on the alliance forums last night as promised, and I'll be posting the 2nd chapter on the EVE forums tonight and here tomorrow. Chapter 9 is going to be the hardest to write, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it done until early November. I'll give it my best shot and hope for a flash of insight, in which I can usually bust out a chapter and a then some.


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