Friday, October 24, 2008

So many words...

Busted out the laptop on the bus ride home. I just let the fingers fly and didn't think about flow or anything like that. Just letting the brain storm. I came out with the longest chapter yet, which worries me a little. I may have to split the climax into 2 chapters and have an epilogue. I may write a prologue as well, so technically this has turned into a 12 chapter project. Writing ship-to-ship action and making it interesting is actually quite difficult, which is probably why it's so rare in fanfictions. Playing EVE, especially in combat, is all about your micro-management skills, which, when you put it on paper, is uber-boring to read. I want to make it work though, and I will. I'll spend a few hours on the weekend mulling over it and I may get the whole project done.

Someone mentions a central site for EVE bloggers, messages are sent and community interest is expressed, and almost instantly we have EVE Bloggers.NET! It's just a blank forum at this point, but just having the domain and the attention is a big step. Now we (as a community) need to start talking about what specifically we want out of this site. A forum is all well and good but there's so much potential for functionality that will help people and bloggers connect to blogs and each other.

If I can get my friend to send me some pics of his computer and if I get around to cleaning out my Imageshack account, I may have my first gallery post this weekend. Be afraid...

I've been thinking about starting my own podcast since I spoke to YoMma (Shout out brother!) on the EVE-BLOGGERS channel in-game, but I've been wondering about how to set it apart from the pack. First off I think the "sweet spot" number of hosts is 3, which allows for an optimum amount of banter and personality. One idea I had was maybe not make it an purely audio format, which probably means a video channel on YouTube. This would obviously require certain equipment and editing skills. I'm a college media studies grad and I'm relatively sure I could pull it off. I'll be bringing it up at the Toronto EVE meet next month.

Spatial Awareness V completes tomorrow. I grow.



Ahnog said...

"Spatial Awareness V completes tomorrow. I grow."

Growth...isn't that what life is all about.

YoMma said...

Word up Psyche! Thanks for the shout out!

Your podcast ideas sound interesting. If you ever need a hand or anything - you know where to find me!