Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My life in Eve - Part 1

Many of my posts over the coming months and (hopefully) years will be about my experiences with my favorite MMORPG of all time, Eve Online.

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The learning curve is near-vertical, but it's so expansive and detailed that you'll never be bored. You'll never hit a level cap or find a top gear set, because there ARE no levels and the equipment system is so complex and operating in any scenario is so unique that there's no possible best setup. I'll try to keep from ranting, but there's plenty of literature and a free trial available, so check it out.

A few weeks ago my corporation convinced me to move into nullsec before I thought I was ready. Due to my lack of isk it's almost impossible to act solo, and I didn't really like the idea of relying on others. Still, I went, and got popped a few days later. When that happens I usually lock myself into a station for a while and re-evaluate my skill training plans, which I was doing until last night.

Bothrops managed to lure me out of my hole and give me my first taste of nullsec ratting. I messed up by attacking the cruiser instead of the battleship, wrecking the farm others in my alliance were using, which earned me some flak on chat, and I didn't follow instructions to the letter. Funny, if I had done the second thing the first thing would have never happened. CL in Curse region isn't really built to support heavy ratting ops, so once i messed up it really shut down the rest of the night. Also, some reds started scouting and intel showed we didn't have the manpower online to handle them, so we retreated to our stations for the night.

Bothy did me the favour of reviewing my skill levels and, although he seemed impressed that I had so many support skills at high levels, there were a few glaring omissions. He said he'd pick up some skillbooks and implants (which I had not been able to replace since getting popped) soon. Lack of cloaking, electronics and low drone skills are what I'll be focusing on in the very near future, then I should be ready to try a battleship.

I hope to have a better run tonight.

FYI, my corporation is COGnet Spacesystems Ltd. in the Ushra'Khan alliance. I'm proud of my allegiances and I have a lot of fun RPing.

I'm also writing a novella fanfiction, which I'm posting in the alliance forums, and once it's done I'll post in the EVE official forums. I'm working on chapter 8 of 10 currently, and got a fic for my alt in planning. Once both are done I'll write a third fic featuring both characters. I've made my alt but haven't played with her yet. She's meant for mining/refining/etc... and I'm waiting for my primary (who's combat, obviously) to my more or less complete, and for the Midus expansion to be released.

Sorry, these posts are going to be filled with terms that are specific to Eve. I don't have the time or inclination to educate through my blog what you can find on the main site or others in 10 minutes. If you have a specific question, I'd be more than happy to answer anything left in a comment.

Writing creatively on the side is what I consider a alt career, my primary being law enforcement. If my alt makes me any money later, that's cool, if not, that's fine as well. I think I may post my novella chapters here as well.

Ja (which is "later" in Japanese slang. I'm Canadian-Italian, but I'm still an otaku).

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