Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My life in Eve - Part 2

First off I'd like to thank CrazyKinux for adding me to his Eve Online player blogroll. It's a list of some really great blogs and I've set up a tracker on my page which will show the latest postings from the Blog Pack, which are the chosen few who excel at blogging about Eve. Hopefully I'll work myself up to the pack someday, and I'll be going through the roll and putting my favorites on my list.

The list of blogs can be found @ http://www.crazykinux.com/2008/04/eve-online-blogroll-lovefest.html and the "Elite" Blog Pack @ http://www.crazykinux.com/2008/06/eve-online-blog-pack.html

I joined CK's Blog Banter group, which will have organized discussion about certain Eve-related subjects. I should suggest some topics.

I've also started to go through some of the Eve podcasts and I'll be posting my favorites soon. One thing about some of the major contenders is that it's usually just one guy talking in a very non-entertaining way. Having banter between players improves the cast geometrically. Reading dev blogs word-for-word and talking non-chalantly about what assets they moved around in the past week makes for a very dull experience. As a media student and Eve fan I demand my chosen casts to be a cut above and have some semblance of professionality.

My time on Eve has been limited over the last few days. I'm going back to my learning skills in an effort to speed up my overall training. I have some implants being shipped in from Empire, which should be arriving anytime now. Ushra'Khan is on to yet another war campaign in our crusade to capture Curse region and take out slavers and the like. I haven't really gotten in on the action yet due to my relative noobness (other then that one kill I assisted with), but that should change relatively soon. Once I get some higher learning levels in and some implants plugged I think I'll start with cruiser V and beef up my drones and passive tanking skills.

I'll looking forward to certificates being implemented. Not only will it allow people to show off, but I'll get a better idea of what skills I'm missing, and others can take a look at my certs and advise me. As for the ghost training controversy, as a paying customer I don't think players should be taking advantage of this loophole, and those whining about it are starting to look like penny-pinching tards. News flash people, CCP is running a business and it's only fair to give them their due for a product we all obviously love.

I'm thinking of getting discussion rolling on another Toronto Eve-meet. The last one was about 6 months ago and I think we can start planning for one in early December or something. I'll be able to add more to the discussion this time around. This time I'll remember to bring my laptop so I can take some notes. I'm sure others will want to access Battleclinic for reference as well. Maybe we can talk about starting a podcast ourselves.

I'll be logging on tonight. Hopefully some of my corpmates will be on and we can get a plex done or something.