Thursday, October 23, 2008

My life in Eve - Part 4

So that shopping spree I went on went a little too far, and I managed to cut into my savings. I won't spend anything more until I get back to my comfortable amounts.

I'm dubious as to weather my Hurricane can efficiently perform in lvl.3 missions. The only way to find out really is to try one out, so I'm gonna find myself an agent and take a shot. I have no problem doing lvl.2 missions for a while until I'm ready for lvl.3 missions, and I could end up skipping lvl.3s and moving on to lvl.4s directly, although that all depends on when I can get into a Tempest. I shot off an inquiry on that to my corp's main BP-user.

My wife is an honourary member of the Ushra'Khan, eve though she doesn't play. She does help me manage my skills when I'm not home, and because of her I've only missed out on a handful of training hours in the 9 months I've had the account. At some point I'll show her how to play and hand over my alt to her tender care, but for now excel-in-space scares her. It seems CCP has taken people like my wife into account during this year's fanfest, and have come up with the Sisters of EVE program.

Certain rumblings have been rolling through the rapidly-growing EVE blogging community. One of the most interesting ideas is a central site where all EVE bloggers would be able to be able to publish their work, start discussions and basically promote their blogs which are scattered on the many winds of the net. I think this is a great idea and forming a unified community only holds advantages. CrazyKinux's rolls, packs and banters are obviously a positive force in our universe, and Black Claw is now featuring blogger profiles, so judging from how these separate efforts go, we can guess as to how a central structure would be received by the community, and so far everything is looking good.

I took my first swing at chapter 9 of Last Son of Prano last night on the behest of my wife and a few fans (I can't believe people read my stories or my blog) and probably got to about 30% complete. Chapter 9 is the climax of the story and has a lot of ship-based action, all of which makes it difficult to write. I don't want to rush it, but I want both of the last chapters done by the night of the 28th, which means I may have to cut down on my EVE time for the next few days. I'll be posting a new chapter here every week, and on the EVE official forums at the same time. The U'K get to see the chapters as soon as they're done on their forums.

I think I should get to it. Not many days left.


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Black Claw said...

Hey, thanks for the link, my friend. I'm just about to publish a post about recent developments, including our own Ventrilo voice chat room!