Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gamer Army and other things...

Private PsycheDiver, ID# 4115, reporting in.

If you're a gamer and have never seen before, I'd give it a shot. It's a webcast centering around a "pro" gamer named Jeremy, his wannabe director brother Kyle, and assorted friends and enemies. Once you get past the first few episodes the show starts to take one some depth and becomes quite entertaining.

Their official fanclub is called the Gamer Army. GA is a regimented group dedicated to promoting and excelling at fair and competitive gaming. $20 gets you a lifetime membership, access to some awesome content, restricted forums, unique patches and apparel (for a Battle Dress Uniform) and custom dogtags. My tags (which I wear almost 24/7) are very realistic and read:

ID. 0004115

If you'd like to join, do me a favour and use this link to sign up:

It'll help me gain points and get a promotion.

If you're already a member of the GA, please contact me about how I can decode the encrypted instructions on my recruitment approval and gain access to special ops.

I'm looking to start a campaign within the PP and GA forums go rally MMO gamers towards Eve and the Ushra'Khan alliance.

Speaking of Eve, CL (which is where I'm located ATM) was crawling with reds, and unfortunately there was not enough of my corp online to repel them, and the rest of the alliance was elseware in Curse. I'm thinking about heading back to Empire for a while, at least until I'm able to rat in 0.0 solo.

I've been thinking about my long-term skill plan. As it stands I've gone back to training learning skills. I have all but the Presense skill, and I plan on having all the rank 1s V'd out and get the rank 3s to IV. After that get Minmatar Frigate and Cruiser to V. At this point I'll be looking at command skills for T2 ships. As of now I'll be getting:

- Assault Ships
- Covert Ops
- Electronic Attack Ships
- Interceptors
- Heavy Assault Ships
- Recon Ships
- Command Ships

Then I'll refocus on tanking, then electronics. I'll have to take a look at Leadership as well. After all that I'll be moving on to Battleships and the large stuff. Obviously this plan will take a few months at least. If I can get back to Empire and mission run during this, I'll be able to work up my standings quickly enough to send a jump clone back to Curse, and have the skills to actually make a difference.

After work I'm meeting the little lady (fiance/wife, I'll post about her sometime next week) at One Million Comix. Million is a great shop for comics, anime, collectibles and just hanging out. I'll be doing a lot of reading tonight since I haven't been there in a few weeks and they are nice enough to put my books aside until I get a chance to grab them. We're talking around 20+ comics tonight. If you've taken a look at my old IGN blog I used to do weekly reviews for the comics I pick up. I've been toying around with doing that again here, but around the time I stopped it seemed to feel like work. I'll very likely have some sort of regular blurb about comics but I doubt it'll be the same as last time. I wouldn't really mind it if I got some sort of feedback, but sadly I got none, and why work for free when I'm not even sure if anyone gives a damn.

Yes, I'm desperate for feedback and conversation. This isn't a diary I'm keeping. I'm trying to connect. On that note, I've connected this blog to about 70 others. I went through the current list of CrazyKinux's blogroll and chose the ones I liked. I'll be adding many more in the days and months to come, as well as getting/bribing the wife to use her photoshop skillz to pimp my page.

Aishiteru zutto ippai. I know at least you're reading babe...



Reivanna said...

Of course I'm reading love.

I just hope that I'll be able to 'pimp your page' to your liking, it might take a while without my tablet..

Also I've been debating whether to get myself into the Gamer Army as well.. I feel like a gamer wannabe sometimes.. :P

Keystone said...

I never had EvE time when my girlfriend was around; however, recently she discovered Grand Theft Auto on playstation and she wants to play it everytime she comes over.

Well, the playstation is next to the computer, so I just log on EvE and we play different games, but next to each other.

She still doesn't understand why I like EvE, and I don't think she'll ever get into it, but that's ok, because then it would be my computer she would be playing instead of the playstation. >=]