Wednesday, October 15, 2008

At least Eve Online politics doesn't cost the players $300 Million.

I'm a believer in the democratic system. Everyone deserves a voice in how their country is run, how taxes are used and what policies are implemented. However, last night's Canadian federal election has left a very bitter taste in my mouth. After $300 million dollars is used for an election in an age where cash for the average person is hard to come by, nothing has really changed. It's still a Conservative minority. Nobody is shocked that the Liberals lost a bit and those seats were picked up mostly by the Bloc and NDP. Lastly, the Green party proved it was as impotent as nearly everyone suspected, not even grabbing one seat.

Elections don't usually bother me. The system needs to work in its own way, for better or for worse. However, looking back, it would have been smarter to just make the last parliament work and use that $300 million for something useful. We're not a country that can afford to burn money, and this election turned out to be one big bonfire.

It seems like the job of running a country is game to the people we elect. If the situation isn't as favorable as they want it to be, they just drop a bomb on the whole thing, giving them the chance to tour the country for 5 weeks and costing us our hard-earned tax dollars.

If I thought that not voting would help the situation (which some people seem to think), I would treat the polls like the plague. The reality is, if anything, more people should vote. This was the lowest voting turnout for a Canadian federal election EVER. People are so depressed with the system that they choose to ignore it. If there was more of a chance for average Canadians to voice themselves to the officials they elect, we may have never had an election in the first place. We would have told them to do what they're payed to do and stop messing around. There's a huge disconnect in this country, and it needs to change.

CCP made the CSM in an effort to build a better connection to their clients. I find it amazing that this government on any level seems to be completely insulated from its public.

Finally, on a tangent, a plex hit was planned by my corp last night for 2330EST. I would have stayed up, but once I logged in again about an hour before, it turned out the plans were scrapped. Tito got podded while scouting the target system. Reds flooded it quick and he was boned. We're gonna try and get something else planned for this week, but to be honest right now I just wanna hunt down some reds.

Happier topics tomorrow. Promise.


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Anonymous said...

Hello there, enjoying reading your blog so far, thought I'd make a (hopefully) brief comment about your political rant. First off, I doubt that $300 million was spent on this election, but you may be right. Regardless, if there's any countries in the world that can afford to "throw away" $300 mil, then we are definately one of them. We have a $1 trillion economy, $300 mil is literally a small drop in the bucket. Besides, spending that much on something as important as an election is perfectly fine with me. I am also getting a little weary of people complaining that they have to take an hour out of their schedule to go and vote; it's not really that big of a deal. If you want to blame someone for the results being the same as it was before, then the finger should be directed to the general electorate. You can't expect politicians to hold back on an election b/c they can't guarantee that things will change significantly; that's what we have elections to find out about.
Anyway, good luck with the blog, see you in game