Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last Son of Prano - Chapter 1.

This is the first chapter of my Eve Online fanfiction, featuring my primary. As of now 8 chapters have been written, 7 posted, and another 2 planned. Once this story is done I'll be writing one about my alt, then after that I'll do a story with both of them. Feedback is definitely encouraged. ENJOY!

Part 1.

25 years ago.

Space rushed by the hull of the Apocalypse-class battleship at it traveled through the edges of Amarr space. The ship, its pilot and crew all belonged to an ancient Amarrian with ties to many in power, and and such he commanded power and wealth purely through proxy and cunning.

The Amarrian, named Augustius, prided himself on many things, including the large number of Minmatar slaves under his "care". While he allowed them more freedoms then many of his equals would deem appropriate, he found himself fascinated by how the barbarians chose to live, even while being given the chance to live as civilized as the Amarr do. The battleship was transporting a few families of his slaves to a new estate of his, deep within the empire on a moon where the wildlife was lush and he urged to conquer it. Augustius had, in fact, bought the entire moon for this thrill of his.

Deep within the dark inner cavities the ship where the golden sheen was replaced by carbon, soot and sulfer, a small miracle was taking place. What was left of the Prano clan, a Brutor family whose powerful mysticism and honoured heritage found its place in even the earliest stories of Matar, was adding another to their numbers. The matriarch of the Prano clan had always been infertile, and many thought this was the death knell of the bloodline, yet now they were witness to the culmination of a virgin birth.

The matriarch would not survive, for she bled far too much. The medical facilities on-board might have been able to save her, but those were not at the disposal of livestock. She bore a strong, young boy who cried out at the top of his lungs. The midwife examined the boy for defects and found only one. A birthmark on his right shoulder blade that looked uncannily like a raptor's wing. The midwife raised the screaming baby up for all in the small and dirty cabin to see, and soon it was clear to all. Through generations those of Prano blood that bore this mark went into the annals of history as great visionaries and spiritual leaders for all Matari. This baby was a gift from the gods.

The matriarch gave her last commands and she gasped for air and chocked on her blood. Given Augustius' interest in Matari history and the greed that drove him to acquire all he could, he would never let the baby go, especially after he learned of the birthmark and its secrets. Their purpose was clear.

24 hours later, in unison, every Minmatar on that ship attacked their Amarr keepers. The ship was thrown into chaos and the pilot dropped out of warp near a cluster of jump gates for fear they might damage the control systems and send the ship spiraling into another. All this was a distraction, as the midwife and a small group of the late matriarch's disciples darted for the escape pods. After incapacitating two inept Amarr guards, the baby was placed in a pod programmed for a randomized path out of Amarr space and into the Gallente Federation, where he would be put into a foster care system. Some in the group wanted the baby to be sent to the Republic, but it was deemed far too dangerous. The baby slept though the entire ordeal, which made the midwife laugh a little under her panting breaths as she ran through the corridors, hold the baby close. A vid-recording that the matriarch made in her last minutes for the baby, explaining who he is and who his people need him to become was placed in the pod as well. Upon the small datacore's casing, written in the matriarch's blood by her were the words, "For Gigaer" in Matarese.

The pod launched and warped safely through a gate, but not before the Apocalypse's reactor was breached by the Matari captives, ripping the ship apart.

Days later, a passing Gallente miner would run across the pod, nearly out of power and air. The baby inside was barely alive. The miner worked for a rich business mogul who always wanted a son, but whose wife bore him nothing but girls. Maybe giving this baby to him would finally net him that promotion...

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Sarah Barah said...

A very interesting start! I love the destiny thing and I'm a sucker for a baby in need.