Thursday, October 30, 2008

My life in Eve - Part 5

I was actually playing two games at once last night. On EVE I was using the almost non-existent cargo space in my Hurricane to move my assets 11 systems over through high-sec. I was fairly certain I would not get into any trouble as the lowest system on the route was .7, so I set my autopilot and glanced back at it every few minutes to see when it was time to dock. By the time I have to move again I'll have an industrial to do it with.

The other game I enjoyed last night was Penny Arcade Adventures ep.2, and when I say enjoyed I mean ENJOYED. It premiered last night on every system and OS at a great price (about $15), and the writing alone is worth it. If you haven't played the first episode you can pick it up for its reduced price. I won't rant about it much about it (as I already have for ep.1 in a previous post) but I will say significant improvements have been made. Anywhoo, I spent way too much time playing it and I got to bed far too late. Sorta worth the lost sleep though...

I've got far too much going on right now to think clearly enough to write chapter 10 of my story, so I won't even bother until the early to mid November. I don't want to avoid it, but I don't want to create an inferior product because I'm not 110% focused. I hope the few fans I have will allow me this indulgence, of which I apologize for. I will still be posting a new chapter here and on the EVE-O forums every week, so the majority of you won't even notice a thing.

In all the commotion, I forgot to confirm the photogapher for the Halloween event this year. Pierre is a semi-professional photographer who's main passion seems to be cosplayers. Last year he agreed to shoot the event for the promise of pizza, and there was indeed 'za to be had by all. Transportation is an issue for him, so I hope he can make it. I'll have to call him later.

More on the event tomorrow.


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