Saturday, October 25, 2008

Learnings on a lvl.3 combat mission.

I've missed the Brutor tribe. I have an unexplained affinity towards them, though because of certain political and security issues I haven't been able to run any lvl.2 missions with them. Instead I've been hanging with a Sebiestor agent in Hakeri. Now things have changed. My standings have grown so I've decided to head to Frarn and hit up a Brutor lvl.3 Security mission for the first time.

I was not sure if I'd be able to pull off a lvl.3 yet. Certainly a Hurricane could do it, but were my skills up to par? Answers from my corp were few and far between and I came to the conclusion that the only way to find out is to give it a go. So I did.

After a lot of warping from Hakeri to Frarn and a good amount of pew-pew in my first mission, I've come to some important conclusions:

1) I rock and so does my cane!
2) I may need to move a considerable amount of ammo to Frarn from Hakeri in order to facilitate the pew-pew. I ran out pretty quickly.
3) Collecting loot becomes more time-consuming the higher the mission level is. To that effect I've grabbed the Minmatar Industrial skill. I could have gone with Gallente industrials, but I found the Mammoth's specs a little better than the Interon IV. I'll fit it for salvaging, loot-grabbing and general transport. This will also solve my problem with lesson 2.

I may find that I'll be moving on to lvl.4 missions sooner rather then later. It all depends on when I can get my corp to build me a Tempest. I'll move as much ammo into Frarn tonight and grind away when I can.

Chapter 9 is coming along well. I've decided to split the final battle into two parts, and the cut came after watching a few good expamples of cliff-hangers in science-fiction TV series. You can just see the "To Be Continued..." appear after you've finished reading this chapter. I think it'll come out quite well. Turns out I may not need an epilogue, but I'm starting to brainstorm on a small prologue.

I went over the CSM candidates quickly, and there seems to be a great divide between the ones who are dedicated and the ones looking for a free trip to Iceland. Once I've done more research (maybe tonight) I'll give you my impressions on the individual candidates. This will be my first shot at being a pundit, and I urge the rest of the EVE blogging community to follow along. Above all it's important to be critical yet hopeful of the CSM and it's processes. The first one was a bit of a failure but it was to be expected. We need to press on and make it work the way we all want it to.

I've been trying to get in touch with my friend Kurtis today to remind him to send over those pics I'd like to post here tomorrow. No luck so far. I still have to clean out my Photobucket (I think I got it confused with Imageshack last time because of a conversation I had with the wife about hosting options). Hopefully it comes together tonight.

Turns out CrazyKinux and YoMma are Canadian. if they're in or around Toronto then maybe I can convince them to do a video podcast with me. It does make it look like I'm trying to wiggle my way into their success, but I'm just looking for good talent. We'll see if anything comes of it in the coming months, though I'd love to work with them if possible.

Anyhoo, I gotta work on the story, do some housework and take care of my sick wife.



Ahnog said...

Level 4s are a hoot--you will enjoy them.

Jinx Barker said...

Thing about CSM, is very tricky, I am doing a research right now on whom I should give my vote.

I am thinking LvV and Oz - we shall see.

CrazyKinux said...

Actually, I'm Canadian and YoMma is British (thus the accent!).