Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not exactly according to plan.

So I jet off home after work, shower and change, then brave the traffic back out downtown. I just reach Lone Star when I run into Drestin waving me over outside. Apparently there was no reservation, contradicting the info on the boards. I go double-check with the hostess, and Dres and I end up getting ourselves a table by the bar. 10 minutes of shooting the shit with him and we run into another small group of confused EVEers. We make ourselves a reservation and eventually get a table. Slowly, almost everyone showed.

It was a great time with great people great stories and great conversation. Too bad the food was horrible and it upset my stomach so much I could only manage a single beer. Oh well. One of the best stories I heard was a guy who was mining with a carrier. WTF!

I took a few pics with my phone. Next time I'm bringing a camera.

(The gang.)
2. (Great couple. I need to introduce them to my wife. We should hang or something.)
3. (Drestin. Scared me the first time I met him because I was such a noob and he was talking in EVE short-hand. Nice guy.)
4. (Would you believe I've taken a photography course?)
5. (Candid shots are fun...)
6. (Came to the rescue of the mining carrier. Regrets it. Great story though.)

We gotta do these meets more often than twice a year, and at better venues. Big shout-out to everyone who came.

Anywho, weekend hasn't gone like I planned. Yesterday I ran down to Million to pick up my comics, and grab DVD 3 of Black Lagoon: Second barrage and the Special Edition box of Gurren-Lagann. It came with a Core Drill with a green LED that lights it up. This sort of thing fills me with geeky glee, and makes my wife fear for me mental health. Today I'm visiting the folks up in Woodbridge. My mom makes the most awesome roast. I've decided to stretch my Dead Space experience with online Gears 2 play, since I'm blowing through it a little too fast. I still have GTA4 and Assassin's Creed to finish up as well. I'll be getting my copy of R6V2 next weekend.

Picked up the Gears of War prequel novel, which I'll blow through this week. Gonna buy Hardcovers of the Dune series and the EVE novel over Amazon (which will save me shipping if I buy tthem at once). Also getting this awesome Nerdcore 2009 calander.

Went to see Quantum of Solace. People who think they're just trying to copy Bourne need to try paying attention to a little thing called Nuance. Great movie, though it's not as good as Casino Royale. Shortest Bond movie ever, though it didn't feel contracted. Best opening Bond theme ever. Jack White ROCKS. Barry needs to learn what a theatre voice is, which is basically whispering straight into someone's ear by their shoulder. He was yelling over the explosions, which was a little embarrassing, though I hope I didn't hurt his feelings by giving him the finger-to-the-lips. He'll comment on how ugly or hot a girl is at full volume so she can hear, which he did a lot at Yorkdale mall.

One BIG disappointment was the absent Star Trek trialer. I was really looking forward to that and I ended up having to rely on a bad bootleg on YouTube. Tomorrow I'll be able to see it tomorrow here, but from what I've already seen it's really gonna be a great movie.

This week? Not planning much EVE. Empathy V finishes Friday morning. Probably spend a good amount of time on Gears, and some simgle-player breaks on Dead Space and Ninja Gaiden 2. Probably finishing up reading Watchmen and go through the Gears novel.

See you all Monday.


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