Thursday, November 6, 2008

My life in Eve - Part 6

My cane is being a pain.

Since I'll be using my Hurricane for mission running until my skills and balances can support my first Battleship (I've settled on the sexy Maelstrom) I decided to upgrade my modules, not having done so in months. I realized only after fitting a shiny new set of 425mm AC IIs that my grid and CPU were going to be SEVERELY restrictive.

After playing around with EFT I could bring my entire loadout to T2 levels, but my cap will end up suffering a bit. Most popular setups for a cane employ shield-tanking, and while I have the skills for it, I usually fly by the rule that if there are more low slots (which there are) then you're better off armour-tanking. This does hamper the weapon-modding options a little, but I've found it works out. In any case I'll keep you updated on it. When I have a final loadout I'll post it here, on my alliance forums and on BattleClinic.

My first point of business after finishing my learning skill training is to get a Mammoth and move myself to Abudban. Looking for it to happen in about 3 weeks. How much EVE I'll get in during those 3 weeks is debatable, since Gears of War 2 is out tomorrow, plus I usually scour EB Games for good used games deals. Still looking for a cheap copy of R6V2.

I find some of the tools in EVEmon and EFT are not very user-friendly. Someone should combine the two apps and let them play off each other. It may solve some inherent usability issues.

Fanfest is underway, and the deluge of geek pr0n should be starting any minute.

I just want to mention one thing, and I'll be posting a more detailed rant on this later. The Ushra'Khan is ALWAYS looking for dedicated capsuleers. RPing is NOT a requisite. We're EXTREMELY PvP ACTIVE in Curse and somewhat in Providence. If you show you have the will to fight and learn and be a team-player, we'll take first-day cadets or 5-year vets. We have corps in every major timezone who are all very active with each other, so you can always expect something to be happening. Of all the alliances out there, we are one of the most renowned in the greater EVE community. If you would like to know more, please contact me in-game (Gigaer) or apply to one of our corps.



Tony said...

Get a 'phoon ;)

Haha just joking. Good choice I must say; the Maelstrom looks to be a very versatile ship.

PsycheDiver said...

I considered the phoon and pest. Both are cheaper and the phoon is VERY versatile, and I have the skills to make it work, but I like the stats and bonuses on the strom better. I may not be able to field as many drones and missiles as I want, but my shield-tanking with be something to f34r!

Tony said...

Ye, and the Maelstrom looks very impressive.

If I see ya, I might just have to challenge you to see it's potential :)

PsycheDiver said...

You're on! ^_^

Manasi said...

Hey psyche how do I become a follower if I have a wordpress blog?

PsycheDiver said...

I'm not sure how Wordpress works, but with blogger if you add a blog to your following list, I show up as one of their subscribers. I'm sure there's something similar for WP.

So if you add me to your list, I should detect you as a follower.