Friday, November 14, 2008

My weekend starts @1600.

I work from 0800-1600, Monday to Friday. At 1600 today, I either move fast and true, or my entire weekend is FUCKED.

The plan is:


1600 - Off-duty. Get on the subway as quickly as possible. hope I get lucky with the bus and traffic at Lawrence station, which I head to from Finch.

1730 - Arrive at home (hopefully), change my skill training so it doesn't finish at 2309 tonight. Shower, throw on as much geek swag as possible and dash to the bus stop headed back to the subway. Make for Union station.

1930 - Exit union station and cross the street to Lone Star Bar & Grill. EVE-meet starts @1900, just in time for the EVE-meet. Order some food and start drinking heavily. Try and take pictures to be posted in a weekend post. Stay until 0100 or the place closes, but I have to make sure I don't get stuck taking the Blue Nite bus home.


1000 - Wake up, Clean myself up and run some hangover repping (damage taken all depends on my active buffing protocols, A.K.A. water before bed and advil in the morning). Maintain skill training, eat something and head out to Million.

1200 - Arrive at OMC, buy the Gurren-Lagann box they are being kind enough to hold on to for me, grab my comics and head home.

1540 - Barry will be picking me up (and Alicia if she can make it back from work quick enough) and we'll be going to see Quantum of Solace @ SilverCity Yorkdale for this time.

1800 - Arrive home. Fix dinner. Play Dead Space until bed time. Get layed.


1100 - Sleep in. Check EVE and RSS feeds. Fix some brunch. Work on last chapter of LSoP. Hopefully finish it. Take breaks reading comics and watching Gurren-Lagann. Run some laundry and do some dishes to please (see: placate) the wife/goddess/demon.

1900 - Feed myself and creature described above.

2100 - Get layed.

2200 - Go to sleep.

Sound like a plan? Hopefully none of the guys and girls at the meet have a problem with getting their picture taken. I'll probably not remember their names, but I'll ask them to comment on the blog and identify themselves if they want.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and thanks to everyone for their best wishes for me and the wifey-wife. Ahnog has posted about his own over at Dense Veldspar.

The wife said she'd pimp my blog next week. I have HTML experience but she's much better at it. We'll probably go through a few iterations over a few weeks.



Keystone said...

Sounds like my weekend, except there will be less sex and more EvE =P

I haven't forgotten your offer to join Ushra'Khan; however, I've decided to remain stagnent in my current dead corp until I have more SP and more isk. By doing that I will be more of an assest and less of a liability when I join. =)

Have a great weekend!


PsycheDiver said...

I'll keep you in mind. Feel free to join us whenever you're ready.

Letrange said...

nice I see the Torontonians are getting on with the EvE meet thing :)