Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A different kind of change.

Today is a day for change. Changing the way the world does business. Changing the way we see ourselves as a civilization. Changing the way we see ourselves.

Change is something that sci-fi fans are not just familiar with, but comfortable with. We constantly challenge ourselves to see the world we live in and how we can make it better, or prevent its ruin. One popular mode of thought that has come out of sci-fi in recent decades and has gained much momentum in recent years is called Transhumanism. I won't explain the concept because you're more than smart enough to google it yourself (and if you're not, please stop reading my blog. You may infect my other readers with your noobness).

EVEers have more experience with these concepts then they would think. "Boosters" fall into a category of pharmaceuticals called Nootropics, while implants, man-machine interfaces (pods), cloning, transmitted consciousness and general cybernetics are some of the core concepts of Transhumanism and Posthumanism.

I came across a new online magazine called H+. H+ (Humanity Plus) is a term for the transhumanist movement. So far it reminds me of publications like Wired, Popular Science/Mechanics and certain scientific journals. I urge you to support this free publication simply by downloading it via the link. Hopefully it will spur discussion, which I would be more than happy to facilitate.

In other news, the wife and I are healing nicely and my mood is beginning to improve. Thank you to those in the EVE Blogger in-game chat (Shae and BC) for extending kind words. It's nice to know I'm part of a real community.

Details of Quantum Rise came out today and are posted on the official feature page. It's all what we expected, though some may be surprised by how soon it will be deployed. Funny, November 11th is the night of the Toronto EVE-meet so it should be an interesting night. Iron Will V finished last night, and I estimate all my learning skills will be ready (rank 1s @V and rank 3s @IV) in about 3 weeks. I should really run it through EVEMon and set up a schedule.

Tonight I'll be watching the United States Presidential elections, along with an estimated 95% of all other Canadians. I hope Obama wins, otherwise things are going to get really bad. I watched the SNL election special and read some Doonesbury last night, as I enjoy my politics with intelligent humor, because intelligent politics is such a huge oxymoron that extended thought on the concept has been known to cause aneurysms. I'll probably stick to the CBC coverage and periodically flip towards CNN for brief shots of American media propaganda (hehe... being jaded is fun).



Anonymous said...

I really could have done without this:
"I hope Obama wins, otherwise things are going to get really bad. I watched the SNL election special and read some Doonesbury last night, ...."

Why did you have to inject any politics at all into your blog? I have met (through my parents) Joe Biden who struck me as a blithering idiot in person. I've never met any of the others...this is an American Decision. SO why prompt others to vote for anyone in America? It would be the same as if I prompted someone to vote for a Canadian that I learned about from CNN or SNL....

PsycheDiver said...

Interesting. You're actually condemning a blogger for expressing an opinion?

I wrote in my first post that I would talk about a great many things that are important to me, like politics. I'm sorry that you thought I was lying for some reason.

I'm not holding a gun to anyone's head and telling them to vote a certain way. Your country's politics have a strong effect on the politics on every other G8 nation, and the world in general. For me to be informed and opinionated about something that has such a pull on my country and my life is what I would deem important.

As for my sources, I read and watch American political news and opinions from a wide variety of sources, not just CNN and SNL. I would say I absorb around 10 different news sources on any given day. Anything less would be negligent.

As for your meeting with Joe Biden, I appreciate your opinion of the man personally. TBPH I'm not a fan of his and I wish he would have chosen Hillary Clinton instead.

Again, I apologize for any harm my blog may have done to you and your country.

Ahnog said...

Dog gone it! I was hoping you would endorse McCain.

PsycheDiver said...

Nah. Too much of the same poltics. Too old. Really bad choice for a vice. Don't like his stances on a lot of topics.

I don't really care who wins, as long as the people (all people) win.

PsycheDiver said...

Small correction. The meet is on the 14th. Works out better really, since it'll be a Friday and I can get WASTED.