Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Warning: hazardous thought stream ahead.

I grabbed the patch for my EVE client and started it up to make sure there were no problems. I didn't even say 0/ on the chats because I would only be on for a few seconds. I did check out the certifications briefly and grabbed the ones I could. At a little under 9 million XP I'm not surprised that the vast majority of them were basic.

For the most part I agree with how the requisites are designed and I found the whole interface easy to navigate. I noticed some missing sections, but I'm pretty sure they'll be adding more in the coming months. I made all of them publicly viewable, so feel free to take a look and ridicule my noobness.

The wife seemed impressed and noticed instantly how this would help her plan out her skill training. CCP, you've met your objective.

Keeping myself from playing anything last night was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. I don't have any comics to read and I haven't put in my Amazon order for new novels.

Actually spent the night showing the wife all the porn I'd favorited on PornHub. I feel it's important for a couple to share things like that. If I find certain body characteristic, act or other element "interesting", I let her know. I also want her to do the same for things she likes. If she sees Daniel Craig's perfectly-sculpted abs on the big screen next weekend ans give me that "I want" look, I'll make it a point to work myself towards that. Even if she checks out some guy's ass at the mall, I'd be the opposite of bothered.

It's not about expectations, it's about simple arousal and a partner's desire to be all he can be for the love of his life. Not that sex is THE major cornerstone of our relationship, but it's always going to be important. I think tomorrow will be the rant about my wife. She's been dreading it for weeks, and that fills me with evil glee.

I don't even have any anime to watch lately. I'm really only downloading the second season of Gundam OO, which gives me a good 20-something minutes of mecha goodness for a whole week. Nothing coming out of Nippon this season is really all that interesting. Too many harem series and re-hashed ideas.

Reading scanlations of Bleach, Naruto, Air Gear and Tenjou Tenge (of which I buy when they're released) and waiting my DVDs to be released is what my anime hobby has been reduced to for some time. Black Lagoon: Second Barrage DVD 3 and Code Geass DVD 3 should be out soon, I still need the last DVD for Pani Poni Dash, I'm waiting for the dubbed versions for Gurren Lagann to start coming (not that I'm hard-up for the dubs, but I want the disc extras), the Bleach DVD box 3 should be out early next year I think, and hopefully GaoGaiGar Final will be out sometime next year. All in all I'm going into anime withdrawal.

As for passive A/V entertainment from this continent, I'm keeping track of Battlestar Gallactica and Eureka. I was watching Heroes but the series really messed itself up after the first season. As a comic reader, everything coming out of that show seems so dry to me. Barry keeps telling me to check out Life on Mars, and I keep missing 30 Rock. Carl is very much into the Sarah Conner Chronicles, but it's not doing anything for me.

When did Saturday Morning cartoons start sucking so badly? I remember the days of Carmen Sandiego, X-Men, Batman (the good ones, not this failed abortion of a series), The Tick, Power Rangers, Red Planet, Pirates of Dark Water, Sam and Max, Silver Surfer, Big Guy and Rusty, Avengers, Spider-Man, Beast Wars/Machines, Reboot, Zeta Project, Medabots and others... Good times to be a kid.

BTW, I've been told some people are having issues with blogger's commenting function. If you want to e-mail me I'd be happy to post your comment myself.

It's Wednesday, and that means new comic day. Bad news: I'm broke. Good news: They put my titles aside for me until I can come around. I need to make a point of finding every copy of Ellis' The Authority, the Absolute editions if I can. Looking forward to next year's "Darkest Night" event from DC, which is the only DC event I've ever been interested in. As for the ol' 616, I want them to fold Hellion into the X-Force title. Frost lied to him so that he'd wander a bit and get serious about himself and his future. I think coming back after some training (the way I see it, after Magneto turned him down, he goes to Tokyo, reads a bunch of manga and watches a bunch of anime for 6 months, and tries to replicate certain abilities with his TK, which would give him some serious body training and a lot of creativity) and forces himself into X-Force to protect X-23. We can proceed with that plot as well. Probably won't happen, but I can dream.



Mynxee said...

Well that explains certain of the links in your sidebar! *grin*

PsycheDiver said...

Yeah. I should mention I'm a overly-horny bastard. God bless my wife, she's learned to live with it.

I try to keep my blog clean, but at some point I may have to set that warning barrier up. Obviously sex is a big topic with me and I love talking about it.

Any time I can get a girl to *grin*, I've succeeded. *wink*

Mynxee said...

Hon, if you think *grin* = success, you're doing it wrong, ha! More like *scream* = success. Mkay?

*cackles evilly*

Ahnog said...

I'm not into the porn thing. Been married to the same woman for 30 years and I'm still haven't fully explored our relationship. I love her!

Mynxee said...

The thing about porn is, it so often presents sex in a way that makes it seem so....clinical, so devoid of any of the meaningful emotions that makes sex between people who actually love each other so special. Porn pales in comparison with the real thing--but admittedly it is often so laughably bad or just so "out there" that it's funny to watch.

As far as talking about sex, nothing--and I mean NOTHING--can hold a candle to the enlightening discussions that occur in the corp chat of my women-only pirate corp in EVE Online. Yet another perk of being in the Hellcats, LOL!

PsycheDiver said...

Dear God Mynxee, you're really peaked my interest there...

I used to hang around with a few university girls when I was in high school. They would talk about nothing but sex and since I was a virgin at the time they treated me sort of like a puppy. Very enjoyable at times.

And if we're gonna talk about screaming... I'm REALLY going to have to post that 18 or over warning. Just a note, she looses track of the number of orgasms on a frequent basis. TMI? Perhaps... but it's true.

Mynxee said...

Oh to be young again! How fondly I recall those days of rampant vitality. And yet the more mellow richness of the here and now is equally as fulfilling. To everything, a they say.

PsycheDiver said...

Rampant... yeah, that's a good way to describe my libido.

The number doesn't really matter. All that's important is that she ends up collapsing in a pool of her sweat, barely coherent and gets a good night's sleep.