Friday, December 19, 2008


I couldn't play EVE Wednesday night because Barry wanted to co-op on Rainbow 6, so last night I logged on and did as many missions as I could to get my Brutor standings up to 8, allowing me to use a Jump Clone. I had to stay up an extra hour but I finally got it done! Another milestone reached.

I won't be headed back to nullsec just yet. I have a plan on where I want my skills and wallet to be before I send a JC down. Not there yet. Soon. The corpmates and alliance trust me, and I'm feeding the war effort through my taxes without costing them a thing.

Bought the Thermodynamics skillbook @4.5m. Not sure if I'll know when is a good time to overheat a rack, but I guess it's just another skill a capsuleer needs to learn by doing.

Navigation V will be done Sunday night, with a few other smaller skills being trained in the meantime. I'll post an updated skill report this time next week. Not sure what I'll train next, but it'll probably be a longer training cycle, since my EVE time will probably be limited until after the new year. Suggestions?

Sunday also brings the next blog banter from CK and his cabal of loyal blogging zealots. I'll have to write it on Saturday and post it Sunday, since I have to work Sunday.

My hardcover copy of the Empyrean Age novel arrived yesterday, a full 10 days ahead of schedule. 520 pages of really small print. I came. Also bought a steampunk anthology called Extraordinary Engines, and a hardcover copy of FreakAngels vol.1.

Snow balls and launchers are back, but I don't plan on using them. Maybe I can sell them when I get home.

Tonight is more missions and some short-term skill training. As many as I can do before I pass out.



Jaggins said...

I am also waiting on my copy of the Eve novel! Hopefully mine will come early like yours, though Amazon said Jan 3 as all the stock was back-ordered. At least that is a good sign that the book is selling...

PsycheDiver said...

I got the same estimate.

YoMma said...

In my opinion the EVE novel is great. Really enjoyed it so very interested to see what you think of it also!

In other news, I tagged you! :)

PsycheDiver said...

How very twitterific of you! :)