Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Prano's Journey #1: Communique with A Colonel.

I live three lives.

The first is that of a COGNet Spacesystems Ltd. Capsuleer. COGN is a very small odd-jobs outfit that pays me reasonably well for my services, which is usually on contract from a larger corp. Everything from courier to garrison to pirate-popping. I'm not getting financially rich by any means, but I'm not a greedy man.

The second is a freedom fighter of the Ushra'Khan, of which COGNet is a member. This brings me into direct conflict with slavers among the less secure systems of New Eden. We find and kill them with extreme prejudice. We force them to stop inflicting suffering upon others, either through lethal or financial tactics. We free the slaves they seek to sell.

The third life often starts where the second one ends. You see, when the slaves are freed, they often are left with nowhere to go and ruined personas. The U'K often takes them in as part of our forces, but I try to help them rebuild themselves as true Minmatar. I help them find peace and purpose at a spiritual level through meditation and learning. I help them find enlightenment when things seem all but lost.

In ancient times, the Prano clan was the centre of the Minmatar's spiritual world. We led our people to a place of inner peace and deeper understanding, beyond the confines of their physical selves. The Amarr took all that away from us. I am the last.

Lately I've been trying to expand my efforts in my third life by traveling throughout the galaxy and seeking out disenfranchised souls. The poor, the ill, the broken. I help them as best I can, and some have begun to seek me out. I make no attempt to hide myself.

A few weeks ago, I decided that the Tribal Liberation Force, a militia created through the efforts of the Elders who trained me, needed to hear what I had to teach. I sent out a message to a prominent officer who would be the least likely to accept my words; the reason being that if I could convince him, others would be more receptive.

Last night, during a meditative session with a destitute Vherokior family I received a communique. Colonel Roc Wieler would hear me out.

the conversation was short and terse, as he made no attempt to hide the fact that he held me in a small amount of suspicion. After we set a time and location, I asked him why he was giving me this chance. he ended the conversation quickly without giving me an answer.

I have a week to prepare myself.



everamblings said...

Well, I wouldn't say "contempt" is how I came across, but I am always interested in how others view my character.

It's a good read all around, and I wouldn't change anything regarding me. Will be good to see how this develops.

Mynxee said...

Hey, I'm reading psychediver's fiction. Go, me! Looking forward to seeing how this one rolls out. Alerts duly posted in Evati.

PsycheDiver said...

@Roc - OK, I'll try and find a milder way of putting that contempt line. Reason I added that is because to me Roc seems like the type to dismiss the metaphysical in favour of the practical. I get that from his time at the psychiatrist's.

@Mynxee - Great! All I had to do was include your boy-toy and I've suddenly got your full attention. Lolz. Well you may not have read LSoP, but I'm happy you're reading now.

I guess we'll be meeting in Evati. If Mynxee and Shae want in, let me know. Roc can bring them along as "insurance" that I'm not some pacifist nut looking to take out a Militia commander. Feel free to RP-blog accordingly.

Mynxee said...

The Colonel is mesmerizing but somehow doesn't quite fit with the image of "boy toy". "Man toy" perhaps *grin* Evati is our home, so your presence in local will be noticed. Perhaps we'll share a drink, but as to your spiritual quest...well. Personally, I prefer to meditate at the trigger end of a rack of glowing hot autocannons. Happiness is a warm gun, yeahhhhh.

PsycheDiver said...

Well considering I'm meeting with a "client" of yours, I'll just assume he's arranged a temporary pass.

My idea was that you'd be in the background watching the situation as a favour to Roc. making sure I'm not there to kill him. I'm not supposed to know you're there at all, though I may discern it from Roc.

Of course if you want to be there at the table with a gun in front of you, that's different. Tell me how you want it and I'll write accordingly. I can write you in with exactly that line about hot cannons if you want.

Lolz... chicks dig hot cannons... suggestive...

Mynxee said...

I suspect Roc may be more in tune with matters of the spirit than most realize. How events unfold during your visit with him is certainly naught to do with me, unless circumstances of the moment were to dictate my presence. That is something I cannot predict. Should I happen to be in Local when you arrive, I will likely offer a greeting and carry on with my own business. Can't speak for others, though--Evati is a busy, dangerous system; even a pass is no guarantee of safety as there are plenty of hostiles moving through on a regular basis...hostiles who are gunning for all of us. Hence my comment about warm guns.

PsycheDiver said...

Either I'm not getting you or you're not getting me, so I'll be plain.

Roc called me the other night to set up a RL meeting. Beer, wings and debate next Tuesday night. I spun it into a RP post, as I will the meeting.

We won't be meeting in-game and I won't actually be entering Evati. I'm using it as a RP setting for the post.

I'll know how Roc will act because I'll ask Roc himself how he wants his character to be depicted.

I offer that the Mynxee and Shae character be present only in an RP post. Again, not in-game.

Mynxee said...

You're not getting me, so let me be plain. I am aware of the RL plans that are informing your fiction. My point is, it's YOUR fiction. YOU write it. It's not my place to tell you how to represent Mynxee nor dictate how she should be woven into YOUR story...where would be the fun in that? You are free to represent her in your work as you perceive her. That may inspire me to spin off a related story in my own blog or it may not. We'll see.

My comments about Roc, Evati and my potential behavior are based on first-hand knowledge. They were made IC to provide you with details I thought might help you portray more accurately a fictitious meeting in Evati with the Colonel. Since you are writing in first person from Prano's viewpoint, any descriptions about Mynx (or other characters for that matter) should obviously be confined to what Prano can observe them doing or learn directly from them or other characters. I'm not always great at doing this--I sometimes slip accidentally and incorrectly into "God mode" and write about things *I* know but of which my character has no knowledge. If you avoid doing that, then I doubt there is anything you could write about Mynx that could go far wrong--assuming you use what is already public knowledge about her as a guide.

Get it now? *smiles* And incidentally, it makes the fiction a lot more fun when it is either driven by or drives in-game activities...such as Roc's recent visit to Evati and his leading of our undisciplined band of rogues on a roam to help capture FW plexes. I thought the poor man was going to blow a gasket, LOL! Herding pirates is sorta like herding kittens...only they have much bigger claws and teeth.

PsycheDiver said...

Fair enough. My mistake.

I always try to ask people how they want their character portrayed since I'm taking liberties with a part of them. Almost always RPers will expect such courtesies. The way they see it, it is their place and their right to tell a writer how to portray a character they're borrowing. I used to be on a lot of RPG forums and rules regarding such things were very strict.

I humbly thank you for the trust you're placing in me.

I'd love for Roc and I to meet in-game, but I have the distinct impression I would not be able to keep up. Though it would be cool if the U'K and TBF had better relations, as joint ops wold be epic. Similarly, I'm very aware that Evati is dangerous, and wouldn't enter without a VERY good reason. I try an avoid pirates as skilled as you and your kin.

That "God mode" you're referring to is commonly known to as the fourth wall.

As for what Gigaer "knows" about Mynxee, nothing. However, he has senses that extend beyond the normal 5 and may gleam her presence and/or intent. You're probably right about it not being enough to screw up.

I was really hoping you and Roc would consider adjacent posts.