Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meme goodness.

Got tagged by Kane and Manasi, which makes me feel a little popular. Good thing too, since my ego really needed a little stroke (insert sexual context here).

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7 Facts about Me:

#1) I'm Canadian-Italian. First Canadian-born in my family. I'm probably the most patriotic about this country in my family.

#2) I've done some semi-pro journalism in the past, but considering the market and where the industry is going, I decided to keep my writing recreational until I can sell a book or something.

#3) I'm aiming for a career in law enforcement. I want to be part of the line between right and wrong.

#4) I talk about my wife often, but she's technically my fiance. The reason I say wife is because we've been living together for so long that it's really the same thing to us. Only reason we haven't tied the knot officially is lack of money.

#5) I play a lot of games, read a lot of books/comics/journals/manga/newspapers/magazines/blogs, watch a lot of movies/TV/anime/podcasts and listen to a lot of music/talk radio. This blog is about me, not just one aspect of me.

#6) I'm a Pluralist. I believe there are many things to learn from many religions.

#7) I've sought and received psychiatric help. Waste of time.

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA! Since everyone's been tagged already, I'll give you more facts!

#8) I used to have no sense of humour and no confidence. Then I met Alicia.

#9) I'm a geek. I believe that means something positive and I'm trying to take back the word. When people call me a geek or something along those lines, I thank them for the compliment. The geek shall inherit the Earth.

#10) I love to cook, but I have a horribly small kitchen, so I often do it at my parents' suburb home.

#11) IMHO, professional gaming is a sport. The problems stem from no central leagues, mismanagement of young players and horrible advertisement and event practices.

#12) I can explain ANYTHING (even super robots) with science and make it sounds plausible.

#13) I'm a momma's boy.

#14) All I ever wanted to be is someone's hero.



Manasi said...

gahhh gahhhh ...I stroked his EGO ppl his EGO (plus he had not been 'picked' yet so I thought it good to pick those who hadn't had a chance yet.

Reivanna said...

Aww.. sweetie. You'll always be my hero. ^ 3 ^

PsycheDiver said...

Thanks hun. That means more than you could possibly ever know.