Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My life in EVE - Part 13.

Yesterday was supposed to be my meeting with Roc, but he's come down with bronchitis so we'll reschedule in a week. Went home, logged on and decided to make use of my LP points and upgrade my implants to +4. So off I go to the closest Sebiestor Tribe station...

And I run into a 20-something WT gate camp in Magiko. I never had a chance, and I lost my Hurricane.

I've flown the CSF Hyboria for well over 7 months, and it's served me well. I've upgraded it to a near-full T2 fit, and I've developed a strong connection to her. My corp executor sent me cash to cover all the losses, but the biggest hit is emotional. I really loved that ship, and that feeling isn't something that you can replace easily.

A moment of silence please, for my dearly-departed CSF Hyboria.


I'll be playing the EVE hermit for a bit, as many do when faced with the same emotional situation. I'll be sending a JC down to Utopia when the corp says it's a good time, and as far as skills go my first objective is to set up for my Maelstrom in a strong way. I've managed to get a few +4 implants for my new clone, but not a full set yet. Other than that... Xbox360 for a while until my heart mends a bit.

I had a conversation about the walls between the Ushra'Khan and the Tribal Liberation Force. Apparently there's quite a bit of diplomatic effort being made to lure TLF members, which I think is extremely smart. Why don't we just join the TLF ourselves? Foremost is their complete lack of structure, and from there it's a lot of seemingly minor things. We'll need all the forces we can take in, since things in Catch are going to get VERY hairy by this weekend. Apparently the Northern Coalition has a bone to pick with -A-, who were allies about to give us a POS, so we're stuck in the middle.

We did take out a carrier last night though...


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