Friday, December 12, 2008

My life in Eve - Part 10.

So everyone's going nuts about this 4-year moon-mining exploit debacle. The way I see it is:

- The exploits been fixed.
- The players responsible have been punished.
- The market will adapt.
- CCP should get more people looking at the industry-side of things.
- Most importantly... HOW CAN I PROFIT FROM THIS???

When I was thinking about upgrading the CTF Hyboria to T2, I went a little nuts buying mods. Now that I'm a little wiser and actually using the EFT, I know I won't be needing all of them.

The effect this event has on the market will have a ripple-like quality. First the materials in question will skyrocket in price, but eventually this rise in costs will effect the modules these materials are commonly used to create.

Now, I know nothing about moon-mining, but from what I understand the materials were used in all T2 mods, including the ones I now own. People will also be buying up the cheap T2 mods before the sellers get a chance to modify the prices, creating medium-term demand.

My plan is to keep a VERY close eye on the market value of these mods, and when the time is right, sell them for a profit. If I wait too long the market will adjust and I'll be left holding the bag (of mods), sell too soon and I won't make the profit I want. Even post sell orders right now would be a bad idea since it may tip off other sellers early.

I could be right, or I could be talking out of my ass. Again, when it comes to anything industry 'm effectively fucking retarded. Either way I already have the mods and I'm in desperate need of ISK (as usual). Worth a shot. I'll learn more when I know how to pew-pew properly.

Also a little EVE-related, I'm a twtter-er-er... *cough* anywho, you can find me @PsycheDiver.



Ahnog said...

Best of luck in your T2 scheme. You are right that it will not last long.

Mynxee said...

I had sort of stopped doing invention on my one industry character so maybe it'll be worth the trouble again if T2 prices go up nicely.