Monday, December 22, 2008

CK's Blog Banter #3: Praise and kudos.

This month's EVE Blog Banter idea comes to us by Roc Wieler of Roc's Ramblings. Roc's asks us to "write a story about a fellow EVE Blogger, or an EVE player whom has inspired you or affected you in some tangible way. After your story, describe why you chose them, and any Holiday wish you have specifically for them".

I've been blogging on-and-off for a few years, and after a turbulent time in my life passed and I found myself with some semblance of stability, I decided to get back to it. Lucky for me I had plenty of stuff to write about, not the least of which was my return to EVE Online. Upon my return to the blogosphere I found MANY talented bloggers who wrote exclusively about EVE, and managed to insert myself into their virtual cult.

Even though there are hundreds of talented EVE bloggers, there are a handful that have made my time among them extra-enjoyable. I'd like to extend to them salutations, thanks and holiday goodwill. The reason I'm mentioning bloggers is because it's these people that made me feel like part of the larger EVE community; a sensation I hold close to my heart.

CrazyKinux could be seen as our leader, and indeed, when I think of what he may look like, I picture a green dude with a huge brain and machiavellian intent. I thank him for his unifying efforts and wish him much success in turning us into his loyal army.

, Shae are both Hellcats in title and attitude, and it really shows in their blogs. Pirates have a strong foothold in the blogosphere, but these two really are thee cream of the crop. Best of luck to their future evil endeavors.

Roc Wieler is a mostly in-character blogger, and I'm constantly amazed at how he can be so prolific and still keep the quality of his work so high. He's also part of several EVE-related side-projects that really should garner him more recognition than it does. Best of luck to him and his dealings. I'm looking forward to having a beer with him soon.

There are dozens more who deserve far more readership than they receive. That's why my blogroll is so long. There are pirates and industrialists and factional warriors. I urge you, gentle reader, in this holiday season to go and read and comment and link to your heart's content. Spread the blogging joy.

Happy Holidays!


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everamblings said...

@Psyche - Thanks for the mention. I must admit though, you're pretty active in the blogosphere as well, consistently commenting on numerous blogs, offering encouragement and feedback. Those are valuable things that should never good under appreciated.

I'll call you today so we can setup a time for beer, wings and debate.

Merry Christmas

PsycheDiver said...

Sounds good. Thanks for the kind words.

*grabs phone*

Mynxee said...

Thank you for your kind words and your much-appreciated efforts to comment on have to promise to tell us EVERYTHING about Roc when you meet him in RL. I might even pay for good intel *grin*

PsycheDiver said...


Mynxee said...

@Psyche: Hopefully it was obvious I made that comment in jest, but just in case not...figured it was worth clarifying.

PsycheDiver said...

Damn, really? I was just setting up my hidden wire.

lolz, of course Mynxee. I just hope you take it the same way if I were to ever leave a "blue" comment on your blog.

Ga'len said...


Ahem, sorry, had some sugar this morning.

Your blog is a wonderful additional to the EVE Blog Sphere and you add yet another flavor to our reading. Keep it up mate!!!

PsycheDiver said...

The kind words are much-appreciated.

Mynxee said...

@Psyche...depending on how blue, I might have to add yellow to make green or red to make violet. Or Erase to make invisible. ☻