Monday, December 8, 2008

My life in Eve - Part 9

I spent pretty much the entire weekend on EVE, expect for sleep and when I needed to visit a friend, which cost me six hours but I got to fart into his kareoke machine with some cool effects... so that was fun.

I ran as many missions as I could. I probably did around 20, and very few gave me much trouble. By trouble I mean being forced to retreat to a station to rep and charge. My Hurricane has a lot of problems hitting frigates-sized targets when it gets webbed, but that's not surprising. Finally got Weapon Upgrades up to the point where I can now run all 6 T2 425mm autocannons, so I grouped them to give me a better alpha and grouped my two Limos heavy launchers as well. I'm starting to see how my missiles have been effected by the speed changes. Heavy missiles can hit small and fast targets, but the damage is close to halved. Maybe I should use those two high slots for vamps instead to improve my cap situation. All in all I made some good money. Mission running can be profitable if you want it to be.

ISK a beginning of weekend – 127mill
ISK a end of weekend - 54mill

115mill for Maelstrom

Bought the Maelstrom from corp, which saved me about 4mill. It's my first Battleship and I can't even fly it yet with my skills, but I'm in no rush. I'm not about to take it out of dock without the skills to back it up. It'll probably be around a month since I want my drones skills up to par for support. This brings me a big step forward in my plans to return to nullsec. Once I got my Strom comfortably running missions I can send a JC back to CL and be a viable asset to my alliance.

Big thanx to Mallagar for the Maelstrom build and Tito for getting it to Empire for me.

Skill-wise, I took the time to copy them all down so I could share them. I'm currently 8 days away from Weapon Upgrades V, which will finally put me over 10 million points. I know there's a lot of work left to be done but if you think something should take priority of if something critical is missing, let me know.

Corporation Management:
Corporation Management Rank 1

Amarr Drone Specialization Rank 1
Caldari Drone Specialization Rank 1
Combat Drone Operation Rank 3
Drone Durability Rank 2
Drone Interfacing Rank 2
Drone Navigation Rank 3
Drone Sharpshooting Rank 2
Drones Rank 5
Gallente Drone Specialization Rank 1
Heavy Drone Operation Rank 1
Minmatar Drone Specialization Rank 1
Scout Drone Operation Rank 3

Cloaking Rank 1
Electronic Warfare Rank 2
Electronics Rank 5
Electronics Upgrades Rank 2
Frequency Modulation Rank 1
Long Range Targeting Rank 3
Propulsion Jamming Rank 3
Sensor Linking Rank 1
Signature Analysis Rank 3
Survey Rank 2
Target Painting Rank 1
Targeting Rank 4
Weapon Disruption Rank 1

EM Shield Compensation Rank 2
Energy Emission Systems Rank 3
Energy Grid Upgrades Rank 2
Energy Management Rank 4
Energy Systems Operation Rank 5
Engineering Rank 5
Explosive Shield Compensation Rank 2
Kinetic Shield Compensation Rank 2
Shield Compensation Rank 4
Shield Emission Systems Rank 2
Shield Management Rank 4
Shield Operation Rank 4
Shield Upgrades Rank 3
Tactical Shield Manipulation Rank 3
Thermic Shield Compensation Rank 2

Controlled Bursts Rank 1
Gunnery Rank 5
Large Projectile Turret Rank 1
Medium Artillery Specialization Rank 2
Medium Autocannon Specialization Rank 3
Medium Projectile Turret Rank 5
Motion Prediction Rank 5
Rapid Firing Rank 4
Sharpshooter Rank 4
Small Artillery Specialization Rank 4
Small Autocannon Specialization Rank 4
Small Hybrid Turret Rank 2
Small Projectile Turret Rank 5
Surgical Strike Rank 3
Trajectory Analysis Rank 4
Weapon Upgrades Rank 4

Mining Rank 1

Armoured Warfare Rank 1
Information Warfare Rank 1
Leadership Rank 1
Siege Warfare Rank 1
Skirmish Warfare Rank 1

Analytical Mind Rank 5
Clarity Rank 4
Eidetic Memory Rank 4
Empathy Rank 5
Focus Rank 4
Instant Recall Rank 5
Iron Will Rank 5
Learning Rank 5
Logic Rank 4
Presence Rank 4

Armour Rigging Rank 2
Drones Rigging Rank 1
EM Armour Compensation Rank 2
Explosive Armour Compensation Rank 2
Hull Upgrades Rank 5
Jury Rigging Rank 3
Kinetic Armour Compensation Rank 3
Launcher Rigging Rank 1
Mechanic Rank 5
Projectile Weapon Rigging Rank 1
Remote Armour Repair Systems Rank 2
Repair Systems Rank 5
Shield Rigging Rank 1
Thermic Armour Compensation Rank 3

Missile Launcher Operation:
Heavy Assault Missiles Rank 2
Heavy Missiles Rank 4
Missile Bombardment Rank 3
Missile Launcher Operation Rank 2
Rapid Launch Rank 3
Rockets Rank 3
Standard Missiles Rank 3
Target Navigation Prediction Rank 3
Warhead Upgrades Rank 4

Acceleration Control Rank 4
Afterburner Rank 4
Evasive Maneuvering Rank 4
Fuel Conservation Rank 4
High Speed Maneuvering Rank 3
Navigation Rank 4
Warp Drive Operation Rank 4

Astrometrics Rank 1
Biology Rank 2
Cybernetics Rank 2
Infomorph Psychology Rank 2
Science Rank 3
Signal Acquisition Rank 1

Connections Rank 4
Criminal Connections Rank 1
Diplomacy Rank 2
Fast Talk Rank 2
Negotiation Rank 2
Social Rank 4

Spaceship Command:
Battlecruisers Rank 4
Caldari Frigate Rank 1
Destroyers Rank 1
Gallente Frigate Rank 3
Minmatar Battleship Rank 2
Minmatar Cruiser Rank 4
Minmatar Frigate Rank 4
Spaceship Command Rank 5

Trade Rank 2

Skillbooks Pending Training:
Astrometric Triangulation
Electronic Attack Ships
Guided Missile Precision
Heavy Missile Specialization
Long Distance Jamming
Covert Ops
Astrometric Pinpointing
Assault Ships
Rocket Specialization
Heavy Assault Ships
Heavy Assault Missile Specialization
Standard Missile Specialization

I'm going to try and keep this momentum up. I don't want ISK to be an issue when I go back to CL, so prep now makes a big difference later. I'm using all of my sell slots and hopefully I'll find a few sales have been made by the time I get home. I'm pretty happy with mineral orders right now so breaking down modules that aren't selling well is a pretty decent option for me at the moment. Doing so helps create a rarity in certain modules, which drives prices up and makes selling better in the future. Simple supply and demand.



Mynxee said...

Personally, when I was about at your SP level, I put a LOT of focus on Engineering's Energy-related skills so that I'd have less trouble fitting modules. It really paid off.

Also, while you're probably planning to aim for T2 Large guns for your Maelstrom, that's going to be a long haul. Might be more worth your while in the short term to get your medium Artillery and AC spec skills to 4.

PsycheDiver said...

So Engineering and Gunnery. I was thinking much the same thing.

I'll get large Guns to IV before I go back to specialization skills, but yeah I'm aiming for T2.