Monday, February 2, 2009

6th Alliance Tournament: 2nd qualifier.

Well, THAT was interesting!

Out of 32 matches, I managed to call 7 on the first day and 10 on the second. 17 out of 32 isn't bad. Most of my choices were who I wanted to continue to the finals, not who I thought would win.

Obviously I'm thrilled that the Ushra'Khan did so well, and I sent a letter of personal thanks to our FC, Seliah. Those of you who read the final chapter of Last Son of Prano may recognize that name. Other pleasant wins came from AAA, Electus Matari and Gay4Life (I'm glad G4L won because the commentary was FULL of gay joke double-entendres that had the wife and I rolling).

The Bastards fought really hard but unfortunately didn't manage to pull out a win. Best wishes to those sexy pirate beasts and I hope to see them in the next tourney, since I plan on being on the U'K team and would love to take it to them RP-style.

In hindsight, I'm glad the FW teams didn't do to well. It's quite obvious that all 4 teams needed better organization. It's a hard but good lesson to learn. Hopefully CCP is looking at their performance and forum comments in order to weed out problems in the FW system.

It's an amazing thing to see an unknown team like R.U.R. dominate a tourney filled with old war dogs. I hope they get a nice healthy spike in members because of this.

The final score tallies are up!
The match schedule will probably be up soon as well. When it does pop up I'll make my picks. I'm going to review the YouTube vids of all prior matches and try to make educated guesses, but obviously I'm looking to see the U'K go all the way.

After all is said and done, I'll do a post about the best moments of the tourney and how CCP can make it better.

Big props go to everyone who participated in the tourney, including the stellar coverage from the radio stations. Congrats go to everyone who made it through to the finals.



Nick Macedo said...

I missed most of the audio commentary this weekend. I am LOVING the HD quality matches on Youtube though. Great idea. I don't think we have had this in the past.

PsycheDiver said...

The finals next weekend will be vidcasts. Won't be HD but it'll be live!