Friday, February 20, 2009

Watchmen Movie Predictions.

I'm almost done the graphic novel, and after watching every trailer and checking every ad and pic, I'm still not entirely sure the story will fully translate to the big screen.

Now let me be fair, it looks AWESOME and as far as I can tell the acting is spot-on. The mood I get from the book and movie samples are very similar to each other. My problem is two-fold.

1) Time. The graphic novel is long, and even if you cut away the pirate stuff and some other small side-stories, it's an epic to be told. I'm not sure if a running time has been announced, but if it's shy of 2.5 hours, I don't think it can be done well. If you have a confirmed running time or just want to argue this point, go ahead.

2) Super saturation. Anyone who's read the book knows there's nothing super or heroic about these characters. It's a vigilante story with costumes. The problem is that it doesn't come off like that in the trailers. It comes off as another superhero flick, and we may be reaching a mainstream media saturation point with that genre. Marvel and DC are pumping out movies as quickly as possible, and Heroes is still going strong on the small screen. Will people just write The Watchmen off before seeing it? It all depends on initial reviews. If the point is made that this is NOT a superhero movie, than it may just attract movie-goers.

Let me know what you think.



Shon Richards said...

What I always liked about Watchmen was the humanity behind these characters. The sheer depth of these characters is going to be hard to relay in a movie. More importantly, I feel the the flaws of these characters will not come through. Dan is not Batman, he's a fanboy who got to live his dream and now feels outdated. The moment he looks like a bad-ass I fear it's just going to be another superhero movie.

Having said that, my inner teenager is going to be thrilled to see Rorschach on the screen.

PsycheDiver said...

Agreed. It's a difficult balance that we've seen fail in hero movies before.

I think I connected with Dan a lot, though I think that's the point.

I wonder if they are going to cut out that psychiatrist that Rorschach was seeing.

Alexia Morgan said...

For an excellent review of it, have a read of this.