Thursday, February 12, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 22.

Energy Management V is a long skill to train...

Funny noobness from the little lady. I'm reading and she's mining, and she calls me over in a slight panic with, "Honey, something's trying to eat my ship!" which makes a big "?" appear over my head. I run over and find that a mining drone graphic is somehow fused to her Burst and was blinking rapidly in and out of existence. Now, anyone who's taken a look at a mining drone will agree that they look slightly organic and more than slightly menacing. Obviously once I figured out what was going on I laughed, told her what was going on and said it would disappear at some point. I think docking did the trick. In any case, it was cute. These little doe eyes looking at me worried she's gonna lose her poor little ship. I tell you I could just eat her up sometimes.

Right now she's working up the cash to buy those higher-level learning skills, which cost about 4.5mill a piece. She's well on her way though. She's getting comfortable with the UI and once her learning skills are in line she'll be joining EVE-Uni.

Quick question: anyone know a really easy way to calculate ore sales vs. refined material yield sales for someone who wants to evade the math? I'd set up a spreadsheet for her but I'm shit with Excel. Help plz!

Not finding a lot of time to log on, which is fine since I'm trying to get some writing done. Now that the tourney is done, I should be able to get really rolling.

Will be giving Roc's Bio my full attention this weekend. It will be a track-by-track impressions/streams-o-thought post on Monday. Usually I wouldn't do that for a CD review (which I used to write very often in my semi-pro writing days), but there's something special about this one. Don't expect me to be all fanboy about it though. I'm hard on Roc because I know he demands excellence from himself, so I'd be doing him a diservice if I just gushed.

Weeknight gaming time has been cut back since I've started going to a gym. Oh, right, that was the big announcement. I got a gym membership and I'll be going 4-5 times a week. The plan is to get in good enough shape to get through Reserves bootcamp this summer, which will put me on the right physical path to becoming a cop. I get an assessment every 8 weeks, and I'll be posting my accomplishments here. Had my first one last night, but I won't tell you how I did because I think my crapness was just a case of not working out in a decade. Things are looking very good so far though.

Gonna try for a fiction piece tomorrow. I want to outline what Gigaer actually looks like. Trying to think of an interesting way of doing it. Will probably write it tonight so I can get a woman's POV (the wife) since I want Gigaer to come off as more than a little attractive.



Tony said...

I'll let you have my ore-to-minerals spreadsheet for let's say... 10 million?

Haha, joking.

Reach me if you want to know moar...

Myrhial Arkenath said...

4-5 times a week? That's hardcore. But should indeed be sufficient preparation.

Keep on training energy management. Maxed out cap skills = bliss. And a world of difference for certain setups. I'm loving my elite cap skills certificate.