Wednesday, February 4, 2009

6th Alliance Tournament: finals (32) picks.

Hello! Welcome to my 100th post. I'm happy that it coincides with such a momentous event in EVE history. I'm also 1 year + 8 days old in EVE, but that's a topic for another post.

The match tree for the finals can be found HERE.

I'll be posting a special weekend report Saturday night, and maybe more during the Sunday matches at the beginning of the 16, crazy 8s, quarters, semis and final round.. I'll also be on Twitter live-twitting it up @PsycheDiver.

Obviously we're dealing with a lot of tight matches. Equally obvious is the fact that anyone's ability to "call" these matches is 99% guessing. There's just not enough information to educate oneself on the ability and readiness of these teams. They've all been training for months with setups and tactics that we've never seen before. Luck is a definite factor. I'm sure you poker players out there can appreciate that (I'm looking at you Mynx).

My picks ARE coloured by who I want to win, just as much as who I think will win.

So... my picks are (drumroll please):

R.U.R. (Hurra for the underdogs)
Ushra'Khan (My bet to take the whole tourney)
The Church

Dead Terrorists (Ahmed FTW)
Gay4Life (Just too much fun for the commentators)
The Five
Huzzah Federation
Agony Empire

Electus Matari (One RP alliance vs. another, hard call but I think EM wants it more)
Against All Authorities (Friends of the U'K)
Otherworld Empire Productions (Cult of War had a better showing so far, but OEP is loved by many)
The Wrong Alliance
Pandemic Legion

Looking forward to comments flaming me and telling me I'm just dead wrong. Seriously, let me know what you think.

Good luck to all the competitors.


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