Sunday, February 8, 2009

6th Alliance Tournament Quarter Finals.



I got myself and the wife logged in to help with a new PCU.

1st match: This was a great showcase for Ruptures and Navy Omens. The Omens using a nos-based strat really worked well and kept those ships charged and in the fight, while crippling the opposition just enough to get the edge. Not much surprising here as R.U.R. wins convincingly.

2nd match: This match is an interesting study in how to use and support Ishkurs properly. I have no idea why the Aries was there. G00DFELLAS did a great job focusing on and taking out those Sleipnirs quickly. It may be a good idea to mix Command Ships instead of bringing 5 of the same class.

3rd match: I can understand bringing the Domis again, but why keep the Vigils? Making the Navy Omens priority targets was the right thing to do, but the Domis did not have the kind of DPS necessary to take out enough ship quickly enough to turn the fight in their favour. No surprise the Fleet Stabbers survived as well as they could. The Vigil laser-tag while the Fleet Stabbers salvage and loot was kinda funny. In the end we got a self-destruct from a Vigil, earning Agony 150mil isk for noob training. Is it me, or does an Abaddon look like a Battlestar...

4th match: OK, I was wrong about Marauders. They can work in this format. The whole thing happened so fast and so odd. There was the bait Curse with the drone tanking, and the shocking loss of both Sleipnirs while the Vulture buffs everyone's shields even further. Of all the quarter final matches I want to see on YouTube, I want to see this one first. Inspired work by Pandemic Legion.

Picks for the Semi Finals:

- R.U.R. over G00DFELLAS
- Pandemic Legion over Evoke


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