Thursday, February 5, 2009

My life in EVE - Part 21.

Small correction. I'm not yet a year old in EVE. I was looking at the wrong readout. Will be a year old March 10th. Wait... when does the next expansion come out?

I haven't been logging on too much lately. RL, coupled with some writing that I plan to post on ENN, and add on to that my crazed fascination with the alliance tourney... it doesn't leave much time for pew-pew. I have been mining a bit for the lady though between matches.

Of course, I've been keeping up with my skill training. 14 days for Energy Management... ugh.

Got around to buying some drones for my Maelstrom last night. I'll need them for whatever my 1200mm arties can't hit. I may also buy some mediums, but I need to check with EFT. I was considering ECM drones as well, and I uncovered some contradictory opinions. Some people seem to think ECM drones won't work against NPCs. This is not true. The fact that most missioners don't use ECM drones is due to them rarely being of any use in that format. 1 vs.20 isn't something you'll often come up against and decide to slug it out on in PvP, but it's common in missions. There's just too many targets to make ECM drones worthwhile.

I'm really happy with the announced skill queue system. The 24h time-frame keeps things from getting too AFK while allowing players the ability to log in just to change skills as often. If you think about it, it saves CCP a little server power. I'm not going to get such a huge boost out of this, but the wife, who's just getting started, is going to LOVE it.

Got my copy of EON #14, and on the same day my copy of Roc's Bio came in. I need to get the tracks ripped to my MP3 player, as I've already got it on my 360. I'm going to give it a few good listens and offer a review next week.

CK's article in EON about Fanfest is a masterwork. I read it twice in one night and am now so jazzed about going I'm trying to convince the wife we should go there in 2010 instead of Boston for PAX. Let's just say that for now, she's skeptical, but receptive. EVE needs to work its hooks into her more before she'll go along with this. I'd go this year, but I'm pretty sure I won't have the cash for it, or anything else.

Last night, as I was buying those drones, BoB Alliance disbanded. I stayed up way too late trying to keep track of the situation. I won't rehash everything you can read from the link and in the forums, but I will offer my opinions.

Firstly, I hate Goons almost as much as I hate metagaming, so I'm not happy about what happened. That said, if it was not a bug or haxploit, CCP should not get involved. Director-level espionage of this magnitude, though almost unheard of, is within the rules of the game. There are rumours of a lot of BoB in-fighting and stress fractures that may have allowed something like this to happen.

Time will tell. I'm very interested to see what comes to light when the Goons publish the BoB forum records.

From what I heard, the Goons made off with a little over a trillion in pure isk, and a few more trillion in ships, modules and BPOs. Almost immediately after this hit I heard about at least 3 huge fleets going into Delve trying to grab what they could. It's probably going to be chaos in that region for a while, and I'd advise anyone not looking to run up against multiple gate camps and roaming gangs to avoid it.

What I found particularly interesting is that many of the ex-BoBs on the forums didn't seem to be too pissed about all this. Many BoBs automatically had their tickers changed to Goon, and there was far less emoragequit so far than you'd expect (yeah, look at the wonderful kinds of words you can learn on the EVE-O forums).

My main concern at the moment is how this effects the U'K. We're already having issues with Goons trying to take AAA's space, and I know that BoB was somewhere in the background of the conflict on AAA's side. Without BoB, AAA may not be able to handle things and be forced to leave, which would put us in a bad situation. I have confidence in UNITY brass to figure this out and handle it, but being put in such a situation is still not something I relish.

If anyone's looking at SOV maps and seeing posts that say "Goons win!", and if the bile is beginning to rise, then I think it's time we do something about it. Not so much an official alliance, but a vast coalition against all things Goon between as many corps and alliances as possible. Whether we like it or not, things may quickly become us vs. them.



Nick Macedo said...

The goons trying to litterally take over the game is a concern. After this they may be in a position to take over some serious space, including having a severe presence in empire space. A massive coalition to wipe the goons out would be...SWEET.

Anonymous said...

Ruh roh, got the Bio CD AND EON 14? You realize there's an interview with PyjamaSam and I in there about Capsuleer, as well as our ad on the back cover?

You're just gonna get "roc"ed today.

PsycheDiver said...

@Nick: It may be out only option. The Anti-Goons Coalition would be the only way to keep them in check, considering how they've never hidden the fact that they want to rule over everything possible, even at the expense of other players' enjoyment.

@Roc: Indeed, I read that as well. You were very eloquent, and I like the fact that you didn't want to discount any future projects. As for the ad, I instantly noticed it. The wife was very impressed.

Leumas said...

I am not a pvp player, but even I would consider joining a massive anti-Goon movement.

Will this be the start of something akin to World War II? I hesitate to pursue the allusion, but I wonder what kinds of similarities we would find if we put both conflicts side by side.

PsycheDiver said...

If such a conflict were to occur, it would make any other event in EVE history look like a pissing match. It would longer and harder than anything before it.

That said, we may have no choice.