Sunday, February 8, 2009

6th Alliance Tournament Finals (16)

Grid here. My picks here.

1st match: This came down to pure DPS, and R.U.R. brought more. They managed to get the U'K's Fleet Stabbers webbed quickly and took them out. No problems with U'K's FCing or setup, but it may have been smart to rely more on the Stabbers' drones and make full use of the ships' agility to stay alive while the drones did the work. I think our FC expected smartbombs from R.U.R., but I didn't see any. I'm really sad Ushra'Khan is out, but going out to a team like R.U.R. is nothing to be disappointed about.

2nd match: I like Command Ships, and I really like the Sleipnir, but I don't think bringing any more than 3 is a waste of points, and I'm stunned at how fast they were folding under fire. I think if their theory was to compound gang bonuses, than a Claymore or a Vulture would have been a better choice. To me, FI's team smacks of not being thought through. We saw a proper use of Drakes this time, which is to compliment a gang, not to be the backbone of one. Good move setting them up with EW.

3rd match: Those Ishkurs went out really quickly, and a proper use of anti-drone tactics, and once they were gone the Nighthawks were a lost cause. That Firetail was far more critical than anyone could have expected. AND THEN THE HERO WAS BORN! Superb piloting from that Nighthawk, pulling it out and winning it for the G00DFELLAS by 0m smartbombing an Abaddon and precision-missiling that Firetail. If I had isk to spare I'd send some to him.


4th match: Again, a little EW goes a long way against Marauders. Those Fleet Stabbers trumped those Ishkurs easily. Solid showing from The Five.

5th match: I didn't think 5 Domis would be a smart gang, but the fact is they're super solid and very versatile. One thing I can't understand is why that one Domi started smartbombing their own sentries. Good win for Agony Empire.

6th match: Going in, I was really hoping Star Fraction would win for the RPers, but this one really came down to pilot skill, and Evoke just brought more punch. Those Caracals could have done the job if They'd switch out the Domi for something some supportive a Command Ship. Evoke moves on with good use of Fleet Stabbers.

7th match: My jaw dropped when I saw that net of cap transfer beams between those Rokhs, but unfortunately there was not nearly enough DPS coming from AAA to do anything. Things went a little more wrong when one of your players crashes. It was just a matter of time.

8th match: I think the 5 Ishtars were a mistake, especially against Fleet Stabbers. I knew how this was going to go as soon as I saw what everyone brought.

A lot of good calls yesterday, and so far the complete opposite.

My calls for the quarter-finals:

- R.U.R. over Unaffiliated
- G00DFELLAS over The Five
- Agony Empire over Evoke
- Pandemic Legion over Cult of War


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