Sunday, February 8, 2009

6th Alliance Tournament Semi Finals

Grid - Picks.

1st match: Neither team changed their setups from their last matches, and it was interesting to see who would last longer, the Navy Omens or the Nighthawks. The boundary violations in a match like this are crippling. Things were extremely close up until that point. Once that Nighthawk was lost to a violation, it was pretty much over. R.U.R. move on to the finals.

2nd match: That was the most chaotic tourney match I've ever seen, but not nearly as close as everyone thought it would be. I think Evoke's big mistake was to focus on the Claymore first. That initial time could have been better used by going after the Sleipnir which would remove a nice chunk of DPS from Pandemic.

My pick to WIN the 6th Alliance Tournament is ***R.U.R.***

I'll post about the final match tomorrow. Hopefully the Youtube video will be up.


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