Monday, February 9, 2009

6th Alliance Tournament: Recap and Lessons.

Before I get to the topic at hand, a little history lesson. 26 years ago today, the wonderful couple of Mario and Patrizia Paniccia gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Giancarlo. He was healthy, didn't cry too much, slept a lot and was full of potential. They didn't have a lot of money, but a lot of love, determination and a supportive family with good values. They were the best parents Giancarlo could ever ask for. They both deserve a fraking chest-full of medals for putting up with that brat. So, if you wish to comment, please don't wish me a happy birthday. Instead, praise my parents for their saint-like patience and superhuman resolve. I'll be sure they read it.

Now, on to the Tourney.

Obviously I called the finals wrong, but to be honest it really could have gone either way. Both teams had what it took to win it, but only won could be crowned champ. Pandemic Legion are enemies of the U'K at present, but I'm sure my entire alliance congratulates them on a much-deserved win. As for R.U.R., I'm sure they'll be getting a pretty big boost in recruitment.

I made picks for every round, which you can see in posts I made on the weekend. I think I got about 50/50 between right and wrong calls, which I think is pretty good considering my relative noobness. There were so many great matches, I hope CCP and EON see fit to put out a DVD.

The entire tourney was a huge thrill to watch, and I learned quite a bit. For instance, I learned:

- I can't afford to avoid flying Amarr ships because of my RPing. I'll just have to work it in.
- Fleet Stabbers and Command Ships are better than I thought they were.
- A smart pilot can really make amazing use of sentry drones.
- Drakes are not as good as I thought they were.
- FoF missiles are tricky, but useful.
- The Abaddon looks like a Battlestar. I want.
- Sensor boosting and Marauders are a match made in heaven.
- Stevie is hawt.
- Every ship has a drone bay. Every pilot should make use of it.
- A good FC is worth more than his or her ship's mass in Mercoxit.
- Screaming at the screen will not turn a match in your team's favour.
- A cool head is a pilot's best asset.
- CCP Soundwave says "Um" and "Uh" a lot, but is a great host.
- Hero-tanking needs a guide.
- A ship can be too fast.
- Smartbombs are great for anti-drone warfare, but misuse can kill pilots on your side.
- Tenacity, guile and thinking outside the box go a long way in small-gang warfare.
- The 8th Alliance Tournament is going to be awesome!

Huge kudos go to CCP, EVE TV commentators, all three EVE radio stations, all combatants, viewers/listeners and everyone online at the time EVE hit its new PCU of well over 51000. I'm looking forward to participating in next year's U'K tourney effort.



Cj Didge said...

Happy Birthday, dont mix to much beer and eve, or you'll be wondering were all your ships have gone :)

PsycheDiver said...

Thank you. Not planning on drinking. It'll magnify my b-day depression.

Manasi said...

Hey bro gratz to your parents on their 'work' the fact that you than em is a good sign :) Oh and not all ships have drone bays...sadly the Heavy interdictor Broadsword does not nor do I think and of the other heavy interdictors for that matter :) Yes the tournament was good. Too bad about the fleet stabbers though now the prices will skyrocket and I'll be left waiting still longer :)

PsycheDiver said...

@Manasi: They deserve a lot more than thanx. Unfortunately I can't pay for their retirement yet.

I didn't know that Heavy Inters didn't have bays. I find that odd.

Fleet Stabbers are good news for indys, and I can afford to wait for the prices to stabilize.

Tony said...

Good stuff I enjoyed reading your predictions.

Small things to poke fun at:
- A lotta frigates don't have drone bays
- Whats wrong with Amarr ships and RP'ing?
- CS are the best!
- Still looking for "hero tanking"

PsycheDiver said...

@Tony: Huh. I guess I was wrong about drone bays. Still, the point stands that you should use it if you got it.

If you're asking why I avoided Amarr ships for my RP, then you need to read my RP.

Tony said...

Hehe, I mean your RP is fiction right? And the game is real. So you can still RP with TLSOP while pew pewing in game!

Or explain further if I got it wrong.

Myrhial Arkenath said...

Grats to your parents then.

Nice summary of lessons learned there.

Ahnog said...

Good kids make good parents.

PsycheDiver said...

@Tony: I take my RP seriously. Perhaps too seriously, but that's the way it is.

The game is real? Hmm... maybe you need a break? :p

Tony said...

I see your point. :)

LOL I mean RP and fiction for me is completely made up just for fun, while the game "exists in real life" so it takes more importance than RP from my point of view.